media – środki przekazu

television – telewizja
• TV set – odbiornik telewizyjny
• viewer – telewidz
• cable TV – telewizja kablowa
• digital TV – telewizja cyfrowa
• satellite TV – telewizja satelitarna
• to broadcast – nadawać
aerial – antena
• satellite dish – antena satelitarna
• remote control – pilot
channel – kanał
• to change the channel/ switch to/ turn over to – zmienić kanał
• programme – program
• commercial – reklama
• to switch on – włączyć
• to switch off – wyłączyć
• to break down – zepsuć się
radio – radio
• radio set – odbiornik radiowy
• on the radio – w radiu
listener – słuchacz
• radio station – stacja radiowa
• to tune in – nastawiać
• interference – zakłócenia
• to turn up the radio – nastawić głoś­niej
• to turn down the radio – ściszyć
• to broadcast news – nadawać wiadomości
• radio announcer – spiker radiowy
• anchorman/ anchorperson – gospodarz wiadomości

I must admit I’m addicted to television. I have cable television which broadcasts a variety of programmes. It’s very convenient because I need neither an aerial nor a satellite dish. Every afternoon I sit comfortably on the sofa and switch on the TV set. I watch almost everything: films, documentaries and quiz shows. The only thing I hate are commercials but I have a remote control so I can easily change the channel and find something worth seeing.

I wonder why so many people don’t listen to the radio at all. I have radio sets both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. I tune them every morning to my favourite radio station. I’m not a very demanding listener; I like the news and good music. I have my favourite radio DJs and I try to listen to them as often as possible.