You dream (marzysz, śnisz) of being a star or maybe you just want to have a fantastic adventure with theatre! Here are seven steps on how to be successful in your school theatre venture (przedsięwzięcie)!

  • Step 1
    Prepare a poster (plakat) inviting people to attend a meeting or set up (założyć) a theatre group in your school. Discus together what kind of spectacle you would like to produce. For example: a classic play such as “Romeo and Juliet” or something with an original theme (e.g. the dangers (niebezpieczeństwo) of drugs). Choose a teacher who can help you with your venture!
  • Step 2
    Find a place for your rehearsals (próby)! You can get in contact with a theatre group from another school. Go and see one of the performances! Ask them questions about organizing shows.
  • Step 3
    Decide who will be the director (reżyser), the actors and technicians (lighting (światło) and sound (dźwięk)). Make sure (upewnij się) that everybody knows what to do and that there are not seven girls to be one princess!
  • Step 4
    Rehearse (ćwicz), learn your lines, be punctual and do not call off (nie odwołuj) the meetings. It’s very important to be disciplined during the rehearsals. It is very important for a young actor or actress to practice their breathing, voice and pronunciation (wymowa)!
  • Step 5
    Talk about the premiere! A set date (ustalona data) may make you feel nervous but you will also feel as if you were professionals (profesjonaliści). Don’t stop working hard!
  • Step 6
    Prepare costumes and decorations. You can buy them, borrow from a theatre or make them on your own. Make sure that the stage won’t be boring so that the audience would be amazed!
  • Step 7
    Inform people about the premiere! Prepare colourful and eye-catching (przyciągające wzrok) posters. You can also prepare invitations for special guests.