CZŁOWIEK – Zadanie maturalne

Temat: człowiek Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj uważnie artykuł, z którego usunięto 5 zdań. Zdania te wraz z jednym, dodatkowym zdaniem, które nie pasuje do żadnej luki, oznaczono literami A–F. Dobierz zdania tak, aby otrzymać spójny i logiczny tekst. W każde puste miejsce wstaw literę odpowiadającą wybranemu zdaniu. Are you able to deal with stress? You must have heard as arbitrary as erroneous opinions about so-called “good stress” that, according to many

TEMAT CZŁOWIEK – jakim typem człowieka jesteś?

Temat: człowiek Odkryj, jakim typem człowieka jesteś i dowiedz się co nieco o… okresach warunkowych! Niezbędna wiedza, aby dobrze zdać maturę! 1) If you could spend a weekend of your dreams, what would you do? a) I would learn English – never too much education. ¤ b) I would sleep all day, of course! Y c) I would go to a concert or to a veeery big party! u d) Surely, I`d meet with my

THE MAN – Człowiek

PERSONAL DETAILS I spent my last holidays at my aunt’s place. Her name is Mary Brown and her maiden name is Nowak. She comes from Poland but she has been living in England for 15 years. She got married to a British police officer John Brown. She works as a nurse, but it’s only a temporary occupation because she wants to be a doctor. It should be possible in two years time when she


FEELINGS & EMOTIONS love – miłość affection – uczucie, afekt to fall in love – zakochać się fondness – czułość devotion – poświęcenie blind love – ślepa miłość to reciprocate love – odwzajemniać miłość to reciprocate one’s feelings – odwzajemniać czyjeś uczucia passionate love – namiętna miłość skin-deep love – powierzchowna miłość love at first sight – miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia to be head over heels in love – zakochać

THE MAN: description of a person

During the matura exam you may encounter a task connected with a description of a person. For example, you can be required to describe people depicted in a picture or write a physical description of a person you know. Below you will find vocabulary connected with physical description. Age ane stages of life Childhood (Dzieciństwo) bib – śliniak bottle-feed – karmić z butelki carry-cot – nosidełko cot – łóżeczko dziecięce crib –

THE MAN: ways of walking and looking and sounds

During your matura exam you can be required to produce a more detailed desription of people depicted in a picture, to complete or thoroughly understand a text concerning the way people look or behave. This lesson aims at revision of verbs connected with people’s posture, movement, ways of looking and human sounds. Remember! When describing a picture, you should use the present continuous. For example: A plump boy is peeping