FEELINGS & EMOTIONS love – miłość affection – uczucie, afekt to fall in love – zakochać się fondness – czułość devotion – poświęcenie blind love – ślepa miłość to reciprocate love – odwzajemniać miłość to reciprocate one’s feelings – odwzajemniać czyjeś uczucia passionate love – namiętna miłość skin-deep love – powierzchowna miłość love at first sight – miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia to be head over heels in love – zakochać

THE MAN: description of a person

During the matura exam you may encounter a task connected with a description of a person. For example, you can be required to describe people depicted in a picture or write a physical description of a person you know. Below you will find vocabulary connected with physical description. Age ane stages of life Childhood (Dzieciństwo) bib – śliniak bottle-feed – karmić z butelki carry-cot – nosidełko cot – łóżeczko dziecięce crib –

THE MAN: ways of walking and looking and sounds

During your matura exam you can be required to produce a more detailed desription of people depicted in a picture, to complete or thoroughly understand a text concerning the way people look or behave. This lesson aims at revision of verbs connected with people’s posture, movement, ways of looking and human sounds. Remember! When describing a picture, you should use the present continuous. For example: A plump boy is peeping