Wokół żywienia

Temat: żywienie Czy wiesz, że cytryny są sour, a wieczorny posiłek to supper? Przed egzaminem z angielskiego musisz to wiedzieć! Poznaj inne słówka i zwroty związane z jedzeniem… Teraz jem tylko zdrowo! I used to eat a lot of junk food but I felt it had a serious effect on my health. So now if I get hungry between meals I have some grapes or oranges. In summer I prefer blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. I feel much more fit and healthy now.

How to choose the right diet?

Read our hints! 1. Remember that each diet that tells you to eat only products of one category is potentially dangerous. 2. Remember that to be healthy you must have balanced diet. It gives you products of all categories: proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins. 3. One of the famous diets is the EL diet. EL means Eat Less. If you simply try to eat 20–30% (per cent) less than usual,

Eat Right for Your Type

Do you know your blood type? If you do, you might want to learn what kinds of food are best for you – and which you should avoid. The table on the left shows the frequency of blood types.                    0        A       B       AB Global     62%   21%   16%   1% Europe   45%   42%   10%   3% Type 0 – DOMINANT HUNTER Your ancestors were cavemen and hunters who ate a lot of

How do signs influence your weight and what you eat?

How do signs influence your weight and what you eat? Read and check! ARIES (BARAN) You love original, exotic dishes, especially these which are spicy. You simply love garlic, onion and bananas. Your choice will be often a Chinese restaurant, or you might opt for sushi in a sushi bar. Often it is difficult for you to lose weight. You should definitely avoid sweets and read the menus carefully. TAURUS (BYK) Sometimes


Vegetables – warzywa onion – cebula spring onion – szczypiorek carrot – marchewka potato – ziemniak bean – fasola green beans – zielona fasolka peas – groszek cabbage – kapusta courgette – cukinia pumpkin – dynia lettuce – sałata cauliflower – kalafior tomato – pomidor radish – rzodkiewka cucumber – ogórek pepper – papryka leek – por spinach – szpinak celery – seler parsley – pietruszka beetroot – burak broccoli

EATING OUT – żywienie poza domem

Waiter: Would you like to order now? Customer: Yes, please. W: What would you like as a starter? C: I’d like the prawn cocktail. W: And for your main course? C: Have you got grilled trout? W: I’m sorry; we haven’t got any fish today. C: OK. I’ll have the fried chicken, then. Does it come with baked potatoes or rice? W :No, with chips. C: Can I have it with rice


vegetarian cuisine – kuchnia wegetariańska to eat healthy food – odżywiać się zdrowo to change eating habits – zmienić sposób odżywiania to be on a diet – być na diecie well-balanced daily diet – pełnowartościowa dieta dzienna reach in protein – bogaty w białko lean meat – chude mięso fat-free food, non-fat foods – produkty beztłuszczowe light food – jedzenie lekkostrawne heavy food – jedzenie ciężkostrawne nutritious food – pożywne jedzenie nourishing


Breakfast – śniadanie scrambled eggs – jajecznica fried eggs – jajka sadzone cornflakes – płatki kukurydziane cereal – płatki zbożowe toast – tost honey – miód ham – szynka lunch sandwich – kanapka pancake – naleśnik omelette – omlet hamburger – hamburger mixed salad – sałatka mieszana tomato salad – sałatka z pomidorów dinner – obiad, kolacja (uroczysta) Supper – kolacja soup – zupa broth/ chicken soup – rosół vegetable


During your matura exam you can be asked to describ a visit to a restaurant or to talk about traditional Polish or English food. Below you will find vocabulary connected with food and drink, ways of cooking, ways of eating, etc. ways of cooking and processing food –  sposoby gotowania i przetwarzania żywności cookery book – książka kucharska recipe – przepis ingredients – składniki to cook – gotować (np. obiad) to boil –