Justin Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake was born January 31, 1981, and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Timberlake in particular, stood out as the leader in the middle of the 90s, when the boys’ band ‘N Sync exploded on the U.S. charts with blockbuster albums such as “No Strings Attached” and “Celebrity”. ‘N Sync went on to achieve phenomenal chart sales, amassing awards. The world was first granted a glimpse of him as a youngster on

How to flirt with a Girl

Flirting is an art. Not everyone can do it the right way, though all of them try! Women are not as flirtatious as men. So if you are thinking that a cute chick will come up to you and say, “Hey, you are cute. Want to have coffee with me?”, I am sorry to disappoint you, as the chances are very slim. Read on to know more about how to flirt… Grab

How to flirt with a Boy

Flirtation – what do you know about that? Women drop such subtle hints of flirting that it is almost impossible to tell when she is flirting. Unlike men, women are less showy and vocal when it comes to flirting. But still, women are treading the path of flirting with men. The tips given below should be able to solve your question of how to flirt… Give clear signals Men are

What summer type are you?

What kind of holiday would be the best for you? Do our quiz and you will find your answer for the eternal question: where to go this summer? 1. When thinking of vacation, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? A. Suntan cream B. A snorkel C. A guidebook 2. Your favourite “holiday” movie is: A. a comedy or a romantic comedy B. “Indiana Jones” series and all the comics adaptations. C. Bollywood movies 3. If you were an animal, what

Don’t waste it! Conversation.

(czyli jak nie spalić znajomości na wstępie) Beginnings – początki Good morning/Hello/Hi, I’m Katie (Hawk). Dzień dobry/Cześć, jestem Katie (Hawk). Pleased to meet you./ Nice to meet you. Miło mi cię poznać. How do you do? – formułka używana w chwili zawierania znajomości, odpowiadamy na nią tak samo – How do you do? How are you (today)? Jak się masz? Do you (two) know each other? Czy wy (dwoje) się znacie?

Allergy to love

I’m used to it. I’m used to people looking at me. They want to ask “What do you have on your face?”. But they don’t dare. Face is difficult. The body can be covered: long sleeves, long skirts, shawls. But not face. I used to put lots of make up but I developed acne. You must put lots of cover to make the redness vanish. Actually, it didn’t quite work – I looked

Your best future

Quiz Answer the questions below and check what your perfect job is. Good luck! 1. You have some home­work to do for next week. When do you do it? a. Straight away. b. During the weekend. c. The night before the deadline. 2. You have $1000 to spend on yourself. a. You attend a course. b. You buy some equip­ment or books. c. You buy clothes. 3. You are to meet your friend but you are

Horoscope What may this spring bring to you?

Saggittarius It is really possible that you’ll meet the love of your life this spring. You have to be also very careful not to hurt anybody. Capricorn You may be really confused this spring. One of your friends may appear to be something more than just a friend. Aquarius A great time for you to get fit. Start doing what you have been planning for quite a long time. Libra

Springtime = joytime

We all know that springtime is something special. Everything is brought to life. Flowers bloom, the world is becoming green, the temperature rises, new ideas are born. More sunlight makes us happier… If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you can easily surprise him or her with “springtricks”. Don’t worry if you are single! There is somebody you like for sure. You can try to get to his/her heart


About alternative medicine There are two terms very often used: alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Alternative medicine is used instead of traditional medicine and complementary medicine together with the traditional medicine. The abbreviation CAM means “complementary and alternative medicine”. It is usually defined as comprising methods which do not belong to traditional medicine. The list of therapies changes all the time, as it happens that these that are proven to

THE RIGHT to decide

About euthanasia Poland was shocked. It was the first time. The first time when somebody went to court to ask for his freedom to die – for euthanasia. It was two weeks before his eighteenth birthday. Motorbikes were his greatest passion. And the accident as many that happen with motorbikes. He became paralysed – from his neck to his feet. “The Pope was able to say: do not artificially sustain


Addiction does not mean only cigarettes or alcohol. If you smoke, you know that you are addicted. You might have noticed what it means when somebody is an alcoholic. But all addictions work in the same way and it appears you can be addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking or drugs are very addictive because they involve two factors: physiological addiction and psychological addiction. You know that you are addicted because

My parents are getting divorced and…

Divorce has become really common nowadays so if it happens to you, you should never feel you are alone. With the family crisis divorce is something people face more and more often. If your parents are getting divorced – or have divorced – remember that: You should never hide this fact from all your friends and collegues. You must have at least one person you can talk to. A problem, when

Is it possible to start living on your own when you are a high school student?

Living with a friend Three friends have decided to persuade their parents to let them rent a flat and start living an independent life. Check what they have achieved! John, Mary and Patric are friends from high school. They have known each other for ages and when John proposed them to rent their own flat, Mary and Patrick did not hesitate to say “Yes!”. But their parents said “No”. After many arguments

A Cruel Hunt That Must Be Stopped

Let’s stop hunters Canadian river of blood More than 140,000 seals are killed in less than two days each winter in Newfoundland, Canada every year. Protestors often respond that this figure represents only a fraction of the total number of seals killed, because many seals’ bodies fall into the water or under the ice and are not counted. Environmental and animal groups are hoping that officials will bow to pressure and reduce

Do you want to make a difference with the little things you do? Become a volunteer!

About volunteers Here are some clues what you can do to make the world a better place. Basia, Homeless Shelters If you live in a city of any size, there are homeless people. You cannot pass over them in silence. There are homeless shelters that help homeless people with meals, beds and other services. Most homeless shelters welcome volunteers and have a variety of programs through which you can get involved and feel

What to watch this weekend…

“Testosterone” “Testosterone” has broken all the popularity records as a play. Now it has a chance to attract the audience as a movie. What is the story about? Everybody can’t wait for the wedding of a famous pop-singer, Alicia, and a young promising scientist, Kornel. It is supposed to be one of the most expected sociable attractions. All the wedding preparations are taking place in the suburban wedding resort. One of the people who are

Polish people at world universities

About studying More and more young Poles decide to study abroad. It is a fantastic opportunity for them to visit a foreign country, live there, learn the language and get a diploma recognized all over the world. First step The first step may seem to be difficult. “I always wanted to study in Germany”, says Marta, who graduated with Slav philology from Warsaw University, “but I was afraid that I couldn’t afford it. Germany is

The place of your lifetime

Everyone has a special place, a place where you can be you, where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you know you are just happy being there. For some it’s a quiet place, for others it’s a loud, bustling, full of people and movement place. Tomek, 18 I love nature. I have some favourite walk tracks near the place I live, but I spend my summer holidays with my friends in the forest in Masurian District

Myths and truths about sharing a room… with your brother or sister

About sharing a room Whether you live with you brother or sister or not, depends on many different factors. You may have not enough rooms in your flat or maybe you’ve been living together since you were children and now it would be difficult to change it. There are advantages and disadvantages of sharing a room but some people think it’s the worst thing in the world! Is it really so bad?