You are what you wear (nosić, ubierać)! It’s a motto of many young people. Teenagers love fashionable clothes and they always try (próbować, starać się) to look good. School can be the perfect place to show your sense of fashion (wyczucie mody) – especially because you spend most of your time there.

In many countries students have to wear special clothes for school. Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Singapore – are countries where every student is obliged (zobowiązany) to wear a uniform. In Great Britain everybody has to wear school uniforms until (aż do) they are 16 years of age. In Canada most schools permit (pozwalają) the wearing of casual clothes but there is strict dress code. In Australia most private and public school require (wymagają) specially designed uniforms and in Japan there is no other option but official school clothes. Uniforms were also common (zwykłe, normalne) in France and they are coming back now.

Uniforms are not the same (takie same). They are very different amongst (wśród) different countries. Actually, every school has its own style. Uniforms have different colours and sometimes they are very official (jacket, suits) and sometimes they are more casual (jumpers, T-shirts). Will Polish student get used to (przyzwyczaić się) the new situation?