Święto pracy na świecie

Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Most countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1, known as May Day. In many countries people celebrate this day with parades, shows and events. In Poland, Sweden and Norway it is also celebrated on 1st May as well as in Italy where since the ’90, the trade unions organise a


I would like to be a banker in the future. I know it may be a boring job but it has many advantages. First of all, you receive a high salary, steady income and bonuses if you are a good employee. Some bankers enjoy such perks as a mobile phone or a company car. You also have both social and health insurance and a good pension scheme so you can feel secure about your future. There are a lot

TEMAT: PRACA – zadanie maturalne

Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie odpowiedz na pięć pytań, wpisując właściwą literę odpowiadającą imieniu osoby w kratkę obok pytania.   WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Although they have never been in real situation of job search yet and their first priority is probably still focused more on passing final exams at secondary school with flying colours than finding an outstanding position just after the very last exam in their


small – ogłoszenia drobne suitable – odpowiedni qualifications – kwalifikacje experience – doświadczenie to babysit – opiekować się dzieckiem baby-sitter – opiekunka do dziecka delivery job – praca doręczyciela deliverer – doręczyciel leafleting – roznoszenie ulotek courier – goniec fruit picking – zbieranie owoców to tutor sb – udzielać korepetycji, pomagać w odrabianiu lekcji A lot of young people want to have a part-time job. Although they do not have high qualifications,


good chance of promotion – duża szansa na awans to be promoted – dostać awans to be demoted – zostać zdegradowanym professional improvement – doskonalenie zawodowe job qualifications – kwalifikacje zawodowe permanent job – stałe zatrudnienie seasonal job – praca sezonowa freelance work – praca na zlecenie secure position – bezpieczne ­stanowisko job security – bezpieczeństwo pracy, pewność zatrudnienia dead-end job – praca bez perspektyw temporary contract – kontrakt tymczasowy


medicine – medycyna doctor – lekarz physiotherapist – fizykoterapeuta surgeon – chirurg dentist – dentysta pharmacist – aptekarz optician – optyk nurse – pielęgniarka paramedic – sanitariusz orderly – salowa to treat – leczyć to examine – badać to write (out) a prescription – wypisać receptę to prescribe medicines – przepisać lekarstwa to give an injection – dać zastrzyk to operate on a patient – operować pacjenta to take sb’s blood pressure


LOOKING FOR A JOB Work is an essential part of our lives. Sooner or later every graduate will face the problem of job hunting. There are job centres and employment agencies which help people find a suitable job. You can find there some job offers and talk to consultants who will instruct you how to apply for a job. Employers usually want people with professional experience. Therefore, if you have no work certificate,


Have you ever thought about your future? I’m sure, you have. You may have thousands of ideas for your future job but if you’re not sure about your choice or if you still don’t know what to do, answer the questions below and check what your perfect job is. Good luck! You have some homework to do for next week. When do you do it? a. Straight away. b. During