I would like to be a banker in the future. I know it may be a boring job but it has many advantages. First of all, you receive a high salary, steady income and bonuses if you are a good employee. Some bankers enjoy such perks as a mobile phone or a company car. You also have both social and health insurance and a good pension scheme so you can feel secure about your future.

There are a lot of farmers in my family so my father wants me to follow the same career. He says it is a peaceful and rewarding job. You are close to the nature, rear cattle and watch the crops growing. Although you do not have a fixed income, farming is quite profitable. However, I would prefer to earn a living as a pilot. I think it is an interesting, challenging and varied job. It may be a bit stressful because people’s lives depend on your abilities but it is definitely not a routine and mundane job.

job satisfaction – satysfakcja z pracy

  • to succeed (in doing sth) – osiąg­nąć sukces
  • stimulating – stymulująca
  • high-powered – odpowiedzialna
  • decent – przyzwoita, porządna
  • plum, cushy – synekura, ciepła posadka
  • challenging – będąca wyzwaniem, stawiająca wysokie wymagania, ambitna
  • rewarding – satysfakcjonująca, dająca satysfakcję,
  • varied – urozmaicona
  • interesting – ciekawa
  • boring, dull – nudna
  • routine – rutynowa
  • mundane – przyziemna, niecie­kawa
  • menial – niewdzięczna
  • dead-end – bez perspektyw
  • degrading – poniżająca
  • stressful – stresująca
  • blue-collar worker – pracownik działu produkcji
  • white-collar worker – pracownik biurowy
  • (un)skilled worker – pracownik (nie)wykwalifikowany