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Whom will you be in the future

Whom will you be in the future? Patrick, Birmingham Now I’m 16 and I’m going to learn for two years more so I’ll have finished education by the age of 18. Some of my friends are going to study at university, but I know I must start working immediately. We are not very rich, you know. I like working with computers and I’m sure one day the machines will replace

Keep fit in winter!

In our country the winter weather vary a lot. But it’s good to have some sport even if there’s cold and snowy outside! Skiing Nowadays a lot of people do it. If you live in the mountains in Poland you won’t have problems. But if you live in central or north Poland, you’d better look for some hills first of all and than wait for snow. And hope there will be a lot

Czy jesteś nieśmiały/a?

Czy jesteś nieśmiały/a? Answer the questions below by choosing A, B, C or D and read your characteristic. (Odpowiedz na poniższe pytania, wybierając A, B, C lub D i przeczytaj swoją charakterystykę.) 1. Think of your first day at new school or a class. What did you do? (Pomyśl o swoim pierwszym dniu w nowej szkole lub klasie. Co robiłeś?) A. I set down and watched my new classmates. (Siedziałem

What’s with your mind?

YOUR MIND Do you sometimes feel that you don’t use your mind properly? Do you have any problems with learning? Do you forget things easily? Well, here are some tips how to use your mind: 1. Find your own rhythm! Try to learn by heart a few lines of a poem at different times of the day. If you remember the most from the morning that means this is the best time

Babskim okiem 2

Mój chłopak, John, nijak nie mógł zrozumieć o co mi chodzi, gdy próbowałam delikatnie podpytać go, co myśli o zbliżającym się przyjęciu urodzinowym cioci Beth – „You’re beating around the bush!” – stwierdził w końcu lekko podirytowany. Faktycznie, rozmowę zaczęłam od pogody, następnie poruszyłam ogólnie kwestię imprez rodzinnych, potem coś zagaiłam na temat talentu kulinarnego mojej ciotki. Ale to wszystko przez to, że John nieraz wspominał, że nie znosi nudnych

Let’s not have a drink

Alcohol, let’s face it, can be really dangerous… There are no rules and no particular limits for us. It is said that one beer won’t harm you, but it may just be a very dangerous beginning for us. Tony tells his story I was about 14 when my parents let me go camping with my friends for the first time. I’d never been a troublesome kid and my parents really

Are you a good organizer? A quick test.

Check, very quickly, if you are a right person to organize a trip. 1. I love planning. YES    THAT DEPENDS    NO 2. I believe there are many interesting things to see in my area. YES    THAT DEPENDS    NO 3. I like going for trips. YES    THAT DEPENDS    NO 4. I’m in heaven when I can teach other people. YES    THAT DEPENDS    NO 5. I’m interested in history or/and geography. YES   

Is it easy to make you laugh? TEST

Is it easy to make you laugh? People who like laughing have more friends than people who don’t laugh at all. But it is also quite dangerous in meeting new people if you laugh all the time! What would you say about… 1. …jokes about a doctor? A. I love them. They are so funny. B. Some of them are quite OK. C. They are not funny at all. 2. …April Fool’s?

What animal are you? TEST

Test yourself! What animal are you? Wybierz najlepiej pasującą odpowiedź dla siebie, podlicz punkty i dowiedz się, jakim jesteś zwierzakiem. 1. Where do you spend your free time? Where I can be alone with my partner. – 0 points Where something interesting is happening. – 1 point With my closest friends. – 2 points In a place I know well. – 3 points Where I can think. – 4 points 2. What do you like

What type of person are you?

What kind of friends should you look for? Choose A, B or C and find out! 1. You find a wallet (portfel) with documents inside. A. I call the person and tell him/her about the wallet. B. I take what’s inside and throw the wallet away. C. I go to the flat of the owner to give it back. 2. Your parents organize a party but you are very tired. A. I keep smiling. They should

Are you a good organizer?

Different things happen to people. One day you may have to prepare a big party for 100 people! Would you manage it? Would you be successful or would the whole thing be a fiasco? Answering the questions below you may check your organising skills. Good luck! 1. You are expecting guests in five minutes but you realise you have nothing to drink. a. I go to the shop. They will wait. b. I wait

Bądź owocowy!

Choose your favourite fruit! Then check who you are and what you should do for a living… Wybierz swój ulubiony owoc! Później sprawdź, jaki jesteś i jak powinieneś zarabiać na życie… CHERRY Character: You are a very romantic person. You consider that you can offer a lot to other people but they don’t agree. Job: You will be happy with any job but there’s only one condition: people must like using you. Charakter: Jesteś

Can you safe money. TEST

Can  you safe money …or maybe you spend everything to the last penny and then you regret being so stupid? 1. It’s your best friend’s birthday… a. I buy a big, expensive present. b. I give him/ her a small gift or a card. c. I buy nothing, just say „happy birthday”. 2. It’s your birthday… a. I give a big party. b. I invite a few friends for a supper. c. I just wait for somebody to invite me. 3. Let’s

What do you know about famous cities?

Answer the questions and check how much you know about different cities in the world. Good luck! 1. In which European city will you see the Spanish Steps? A. Athens B. Rome C. Madrid D. Barcelona 2. You travel into New York City via the Lincoln tunnel. Under which of the following rivers will you travel under? A. Harlem river B. Hudson river C. East river D. Passaic river 3.

It”s a Colourful Life!

Dziś pora na idiomy – ale nie zwykłe, śmiertelnie nudne idiomy, ale idiomy kolorowe, bo właśnie z kolorami związane. Świat.obfituje w najróżniejsze barwy, które dostarczają nam estetycznej przyjemności, a przy okazji niejed­nokrotnie służą do wyrażenia naszych emocji, stanów ducha, sytuacji finansowej, społecznej czy zdrowotnej. Każdy język inaczej kody­fikuje wyrażenia związane z kolorami, ale przecież wszyscy podobnie reagujemy na białą salę szpitalną czy zieloną łąkę, stąd wiele punk­tów wspólnych. Przyjrzyjmy się

The Internet world

The Internet is the most popular way of getting information nowadays and its popularity is still growing. More and more people use the Internet in different fields. The number of Internet users is growing but it’s not the only thing that makes this media expand. The social change in communication and getting information as well as entertainment is found not only in growing numbers of users, but also in the

Mind maps

Learn how to learn How do you take notes? I bet you write down in your notebook what your teacher says. It might look like an essay! If your notes are with bullet points or numbers, you are more advanced. But still such method of taking notes is linear, because both the process of taking notes and their reading and recovering the knowledge hidden in the piece of paper consists in

Holidays! Where are you?

Well, well! We have a new school year again! But be strong! Actually in every country students have to go back to school in autumn, also in Great Britain. In this country school is compulsory from 5 to 16. There are many similarities between polish and british school system, but there are also many differences. Generally in Great Britain they have 4 levels. The first one in primary school is Infant

Who are the Britons?

Who are the Britons? Would you like to go to Great Britain one day? I’m sure you would. But before you go you must get to know some very important things. First of all, the United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. People who live in those regions are called English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish but they are all Britons. Secondly, those people, although they all speak


Easter! Easter! There is not much time left before Easter! In Great Britain and in the United States as well as in Poland people celebrate Easter although many traditions are different. In Great Britain people buy big chocolate eggs – empty inside, they stuff them with sweets and on Easter Sunday morning they give such eggs to beloved persons. You can buy already stuffed eggs in shops. In the USA