Test yourself!

What animal are you?

Wybierz najlepiej pasującą odpowiedź dla siebie, podlicz punkty i dowiedz się, jakim jesteś zwierzakiem.

1. Where do you spend your free time?
Where I can be alone with my partner. – 0 points
Where something interesting is happening. – 1 point
With my closest friends. – 2 points
In a place I know well. – 3 points
Where I can think. – 4 points

2. What do you like to eat?
Light food. I love fish! – 0 points
Delicate meat and diary products. – 1 point
I like eating a lot. I love meat. – 2 points
I like small servings. – 3 points
I eat what is in the fridge. – 4 points

3. Who are your friends?
They are calm and nice. – 0 points
They are crazy but I can’t rely on them. – 1 point
They prefer to be on their own. – 2 points
I don’t have many friends. – 3 points
They are very smart and responsible (odpowiedzialni) people. – 4 points

4. What do you wear?
Beautiful clothes that people notice. – 0 points
I like being noticed but not always. – 1 point
I don’t pay too much attention to clothes. – 2 points
I like smart and formal clothes. – 3 points
I wear comfortable clothes. – 4 points

5. What kind of a person would you fall in love with?
A pretty person. – 0 points
Somebody who gets what he/she wants. – 1 point
Somebody who can be a good leader. – 2 points
A responsible and caring person. – 3 points
A person who doesn’t get involved in conflicts. – 4 points


0–3 points – You are a Swan
You always want to be the best looking person at the party. Don’t look in the mirror all the time! People love you for who you are!

4–8 points – You are a Fox
You are a little bit messy (bałaganiący). Some people are afraid you may trick them. Don’t try to be sly (przebiegły) or you’ll lose your friends!

9–14 points – You are a Tiger
People like you for your strong character and sense of humour, but you can also be a tyrant (tyran). Sorry, that’s true. Don’t be too demanding (zbyt wymagający).

15–19 points – You are an Eagle
You feel good with people you know. They know your true personality. You’re warm and calm but sometimes you’re too serious. Relax more!

19–20 points – You are a Wolf
You are calm and very wise, but if something annoys you too much, you can be really vicious (wredny). Don’t get angry so easily! Let people make mistakes sometimes.