Świat przyrody

Their little secrets

Look at me! Zebras’ stripes are unique – like fingerprints. A giraffe is taller than three men standing on each other’s heads. A hippo should probably start a diet. It is so heavy that it can walk at the bottom of a lake – and it won’t float up! The giant of the sea – the blue whale – is the largest animal on earth. Its heart is the size of a small car. An

The age of junk food

Zadanie Wstaw wycięte zdania tak, aby cały tekst miał sens. You can also find many chemicals in this kind of food …you’ve eaten fast food, you throw away the packaging  …forest have been cut down to create soya farms… …everything can be genetically modified… …many people love going to fast food restaurants… You can buy a fresh tomato in Paris that came from Cyprus…   The age of junk food We

How can you protect the environment?

How can you protect the environment? (Jak można chronić środowisko?) People haven’t been taking care of the Planet. There are more and more problems with the weather, climate, the air we breathe… Scientists say that in 50 years, 60 % of animals species will die out! We will all have to live in a dirty, polluted world with no clean water! Can a teenager do anything to prevent this disaster?

The Natural Environment

During your matura exam, you may be required to complete a task connected with the natural environment. For example, you can be asked to give answers to questions concerning a text related to the natural environment, state your opinion on an environmental issue, etc. Below you will find vocabulary necessary to talk or write about this topic.  Weather and climate weather – pogoda, warunki atmosferyczne weather chart – mapa synoptyczna


COSMOS I’ve always been interested in astronomy. At the age of six I could find in the night sky not only The Great Bear, Polaris and The Plough but also Cassiopeia and Venus. Then, I started reading books about the universe and I wanted to know everything about our solar system. I observed the shooting stars, the phases of the moon and I even went abroad to see the eclipse. I’d like to be an

Świat przyrody – zadanie maturalne

Świat przyrody Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj poniższe wypowiedzi osób (A-D). Następnie odpowiedz na pytania pod tekstem (1-5), wpisując odpowiednie litery umieszczone obok każdego pytania. A. Janice First of all, we should concentrate on preventing destruction of the habitat. I think we should give more financial support to poorer countries where people are destroying habitats. When the animals lose their habitats, they become extinct. In addition, we could concentrate on planting more


THE LANDSCAPE When I’m tired of the noise of the big city I go to the mountains. I hire a room in a chalet which is situated at the end of a picturesque valley. I have a wonderful view of mountain peaks covered with snow. They belong to a large mountain range in the South of the country. There are no cars; I can only hear a few tourists and the low sound of streams and waterfalls. I’d like to

THE WEATHER – pogoda

CLIMATE Europe is a continent with a wide variety of climates. It’s hot and dry in Spain, Italy, Greece and the south of France, whereas in the north it’s very cold. Great Britain has a temperate climate, with mild winters, humid springs and warm summers. Climate – klimat warm – ciepły cold – zimny mild – łagodny humid – wilgotny dry – suchy temperate – umiarkowany   WEATHER Cold weather The weather in September

Environment pollution – zanieczyszczenie środowiska

 Environment pollution One of the greatest problems of the contemporary world is the pollution of the environment. Cars and factories emit gases which contaminate the atmosphere. It leads to depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain and global warming. Water is also heavily polluted because of tanker leaks, oil spills and the dumping of sewage directly into rivers and seas. Deforestation and the use of fertilizers cause soil erosion, the

THE NATURAL WORLD – świat przyrody

Climate – klimat warm – ciepły cold – zimny mild – łagodny humid – wilgotny dry – suchy temperate – umiarkowany Cold weather – chłodna, zimowa pogoda chilly days – chłodne dni blizzard – zamieć (śnieżna) snowdrifts – zaspy b– deszcz ze śniegiem Warm/ hot weather – letnia pogoda, upał warm/hot weather – ciepło, upał heat wave – fala upałów humid – wilgotno scorching – skwarny boiling – bardzo gorąco


Earthquake – trzęsienie ziemi the earth moves/ trembles – ziemia drży warning signal – sygnał ostrzegawczy collapse – runięcie, zawalenie się epicentre – epicentrum to measure in Richter scale – mierzyć w skali Richtera Earthquake An earthquake starts when the blocks which make up the earth move up and down. When one piece of rock starts to rub on another with great force, a lot of energy is used. This energy is changed

WORLD OF ANIMALS – świat zwierząt

Parts of animal bodies – części ciała zwierząt beak – dziób wing – skrzydło tail – ogon paw – łapa claws – pazury whiskers – wąsy hoof – kopyto fur – futro mane – grzywa scale – łuska fin – płetwa shell – skorupa Amphibians and reptiles – płazy i gady toad – ropucha frog – żaba lizard – jaszczurka salamander – salamandra snake – wąż viper – żmija Birds –

WORLD OF PLANTS – świat roślin

Spring is the most beautiful season, as nature comes back to life. Tulips, daffodils and pansies are still in their buds but they should blossom soon. Primroses and daisies are already in bloom turning their lovely petals to the sun. Deciduous trees haven’t got leaves yet but their twigs are growing stronger. In a few days birches, willows and poplars will look fresh and green. I love nature and I go to

What is ecology?

What is ecology? Ecology is the study of organisms and their relationship with their surroundings. Ecologists study the inter-action between an organism and its environment or habitat. Some ecologists study a specific species to see how they interact with other organisms and the environment. An ecologist can study many different species of course. There are many fields of ecology with lots of things still to be discovered. You are a Junior High