When I’m tired of the noise of the big city I go to the mountains. I hire a room in a chalet which is situated at the end of a picturesque valley. I have a wonderful view of mountain peaks covered with snow. They belong to a large mountain range in the South of the country. There are no cars; I can only hear a few tourists and the low sound of streams and waterfalls.

I’d like to spend some time on a desert island. I’d find a quiet cove and build a hut there. In the morning I’d hunt in the forest and fish in a pond or a lake. The rest of the day I’d spend swimming and lying on the sea shore. My life would be perfect.

I had an unpleasant experience last week. It happened during a school trip to the national park. We were to watch some rare birds which have their nests in the estuary of the river. We got off the coach and followed the path leading to the peninsula. After an hour of walking I realized that I had lost my sunglasses and I stopped to look for them. I found them but I lost my group. I decided to continue walking but I must have taken the wrong path because I ended up at a marsh. The ground was soft and I found it difficult to move. I would have drowned if a passerby hadn’t noticed me.


  • valley – dolina
  • marsh – bagna/mokradła
  • river – rzeka
  • lake – jezioro
  • wood – las
  • forest – las (większy), bór
  • mountain range – łańcuch górski
  • mountain peak – szczyt
  • desert – pustynia
  • plain – równina
  • pond – staw
  • stream – strumyk
  • waterfall – wodospad
  • cove – zatoczka
  • bay/gulf – zatoka
  • island – wyspa
  • coast – wybrzeże
  • shore – brzeg, wybrzeże
  • estuary – ujście (rzeki)
  • cape – przylądek
  • peninsula – półwysep
  • glacier – lodowiec