Spring is the most beautiful season, as nature comes back to life. Tulips, daffodils and pansies are still in their buds but they should blossom soon. Primroses and daisies are already in bloom turning their lovely petals to the sun. Deciduous trees haven’t got leaves yet but their twigs are growing stronger. In a few days birches, willows and poplars will look fresh and green.

I love nature and I go to my country cottage as often as possible. There’s always a lot of work to do, especially after the winter. First, I have to get rid of all withered leaves, branches and cones which lie on the ground. Then I fertilise the soil and plant vegetables and flowers. I haven’t got many trees in my garden, only a few firs and a very old oak which provides nice shade during hot summer days.

Flowers – kwiaty

  • bud – pąk
  • pollen – pyłek kwiatowy
  • petals – płatki
  • stalk – łodyga
  • stem – łodyga
  • pansy – bratek
  • lily of the valley – konwalia
  • poppy – mak
  • primrose – perwiosnek
  • daisy – stokrotka
  • tulip – tulipan
  • daffodil – żonkil
  • carnation – goździk

Trees and bushes – drzewa i krzewy

  • learf/ leaves – liść/ liście
  • needles – igły
  • twig – gałąź
  • branch – gałąź
  • bough – konar
  • trunk – pień
  • root – korzeń
  • thorns – kolce
  • cone – szyszka
  • bark – kora
  • deciduous tree – drzewo liściaste
  • coniferous tree – drzewo iglaste
  • oak – dąb
  • willow – wierzba
  • b– wiąz
  • fir – jodła
  • pine – sosna
  • birch – brzoza
  • beech – buk
  • maple – klon
  • poplar – topola
  • to flower/ blossom – kwitnąć
  • to plant – sadzić
  • to fertilise – nawozić
  • to harvest – zbierać ­plony
  • to grow – rosnąć
  • to wither – więdnąć
  • weed – chwast

Plants – rośliny

I adore flowers! My favourite season of the year is spring! Everything is in bloom! Trees, bushes and lawns. After a long and boring winter I can finally see some life. I always try to put some in my room. My boyfriend gives me roses when we meet. I like them, but my favourite flowers are daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths! Their vivid colours always look incredible in my grandma’s garden!

I will never forget one holiday at the seaside. We stayed quite far from the beach and every day we had to walk through meadows. They were full of beautiful, delicate grasses floating in the wind. Many people love bluebells and forget-me-not and I’m not surprised. I like cowslips very much. They fit perfectly in a wild meadow and clearings.

  • in bloom – w rozkwicie
  • to bloom – kwitnąć
  • flowers – kwiaty
  • roses – róże
  • daffodils – żonkile
  • tulips – tulipany
  • grape hyacinths – szafirki
  • trees– drzewO
  • bush – krzak
  • laws – trawnik
  • meadow – łąka
  • grass– trawa
  • floating in the wind – unoszące się/falujące na wietrze
  • bluebells – dzwoneczki
  • forget-me-nots – niezapominajki
  • cowslips – kaczeńce
  • glade/ clearing – polana

I have a very special hobby. I have about 15 different cactuses at home! They are not very big but they are so fascinating. They are always green, and they don’t need lots of watering so even if forget about them they won’t wilt! Many of my friends are surprised when they visit me. “Cactuses have flowers?” they ask. When my plants bloom, they are even more beautiful.

Have you ever thought how incredibly the world is constructed? Of course, if you want to have good fruit you have to take lots of care of your trees and bushes. Watering, warming for winter, cutting in a proper way, using nutrition, improving the soil… This kind of gardening is very difficult.

  • cactuses – kaktusy
  • watering – podlewanie
  • to water – podlewać
  • to wilt – więdnąć
  • fruit – owoc, owoce (Zapamiętaj! ‘fruit’ jest rzeczownikiem niepoliczalnym w języku angielskim)
  • cutting – cięcie, obcinanie
  • nutrition – odżywka, nawóz
  • soil – gleba
  • gardening – ogrodnictwo; uprawianie ogrodu

The world of plants is very interesting. Did you know that everybody has their tree sign? It’s almost like a star sign. Trees are so majestic. I think that people don’t appreciate them enough! Many kinds of trees can produce different medicines and the Amazon forest is called ”the green lungs of the earth”. People shouldn’t cut all the trees down so unthoughtfully.

I’m interested in cooking and I like using fresh ingredients. There’s nothing better than fresh herbs in your food. I grow basil, rosemary, marjoram and of course garden cress! I keep them in boxes on the window but when it starts getting warmer, I put them out on the balcony. It’s really nice to have some herbs at home – they smell so fresh!

  • tree sign – znak drzewa (jak: znak zodiaku)
  • to appreciate – doceniać
  • to produce – wytwarzać
  • the green lungs of the earth – zielone płuca ziemi
  • ingredients – składniki
  • fresh herbs – świeże zioła
  • to grow – 1. rosnąć; 2. hodować
  • basil – bazylia
  • rosemary – rozmaryn
  • marjoram – majeranek
  • garden cress – rzeżucha

Przydatne zwroty

I’m going to the florist’s.Idę do kwiaciarni.
Don’t forget to water your plants!Nie zapomnij o podlaniu kwiatów.
We need to buy: a flowerpot, soil and nutrition.Musimy kupić: doniczkę, ziemię i nawóz.
Does it need a lot of sunlight?Czy to potrzebuje dużo światła słonecznego?
It likes to be in the shade.To lubi być w cieniu.

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