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Types of accommodation My father wants to buy a house but we haven’t decided yet what type of accommodation to look for. Dad wants to have a detached house in a quiet district, whereas mum would like a mansion in the suburbs. I know we can afford none of them and I’m sure we’ll have a terraced house with a small garden in a housing estate. In comparison to our


branches of science – dziedziny nauki chemistry – chemia physics – fizyka botany – botanika zoology – zoologia astronomy – astronomia mathematics – matematyka medicine – medycyna genetic engineering – inżynieria genetyczna molecular biology – biologia molekularna cybernetics – cybernetyka information technology – informatyka biochemistry – biochemia geopolitics – geopolityka astrophysics – astrofizyka applied science – nauka stosowana scientist – naukowiec inventor – wynalazca discoverer – odkrywca explorer – badacz

THE MAN – Człowiek

PERSONAL DETAILS I spent my last holidays at my aunt’s place. Her name is Mary Brown and her maiden name is Nowak. She comes from Poland but she has been living in England for 15 years. She got married to a British police officer John Brown. She works as a nurse, but it’s only a temporary occupation because she wants to be a doctor. It should be possible in two years time when she

How do you spend your free time?

How do you spend your free time? Darek I don’t do anything special with my free time. I just listen to music and read magazines. Sometimes I go out with my friends but we never do anything special… well, we meet other friends. I believe that during my free time I should relax and rest and I can’t do any difficult or tiring activities, right. special – szczególne, wyjątkowe to


Most of us have got some favourite things we like doing. What is your hobby? Do you have a hobby? Have you got any hobbies? – My hobby is collecting old clocks. writing letters. learning English. making models areoplanes. collecting old furniture/ stamps/ coins/ match boxes. – Fishing / Watching television is my favourite pastime. – My hobby is climbing. – It is rather dangerous. – Perhaps that is why

Święto pracy na świecie

Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Most countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1, known as May Day. In many countries people celebrate this day with parades, shows and events. In Poland, Sweden and Norway it is also celebrated on 1st May as well as in Italy where since the ’90, the trade unions organise a


• for sale – na sprzedaż • buyer – kupujący • seller – sprzedający • housing offers – oferty ­mieszkaniowe • estate agency – agencja nieruchomości • agent – agent, przedstawiciel • commission – prowizja • survey – ekspertyza, opinia biegłego • mortgage – hipoteka, kredyt • loan – pożyczka • notary – notariusz • removal company – firma zajmująca się przeprowadzkami • to move into a new flat – wprowadzić


Cechy charakteru virtues – zalety ambitious – ambitny honest – uczciwy reliable – godny zaufania loyal – lojalny faithful – wierny truthful – prawdomówny blunt – szczery candid – otwarty, bezpośredni strong-willed – obdarzony silną wolą self-assured – pewny siebie self-confident – ufny we własne siły competitive – skory do rywalizacji, zacięty obedient – posłuszny modest – skromny patient – cierpliwy wise – mądry sensible – rozsądny reasonable – rozsądny


We decided to spend four days in Edinburgh. It is a big city so before we went sightseeing we visited a tourist infor­mation office. It was a good decision as the girl who worked there was really helpful. She gave us a city map, some brochures and catalogues. She advised us what is worth seeing and visiting in Edin­burgh. She re­com­men­ded some hotels and restaurants. She also offered to find a guide for us but we

School may be stressful

Bulling In many schools in Great Britain, students were attacked by bullies. Headmasters try to fight with this problem but it is also vary important for you to know if you, or one of your friends is bullied. What is bullying? Bulling is what other people do to you every day or just sometimes but that’s enough to make your life a misery (koszmar). Bulling includes: hitting (bicie), pinching (szczypanie),

What school do you prefer: American, French or Polish one?

What school do you prefer: American, French or Polish one?   School in Sweden Studying in any kind school is for free. Parents and children don’t have to pay for books, meals at school, school bus or a school doctor. Nauka w każdym rodzaju szkoły jest za darmo. Rodzice i uczniowie nie muszą płacić za książki, posiłki w szkole, autobus szkolny czy za szkolnego lekarza. In every school there’s a headmaster. This person makes decisions

Christmas time

Oto kilka przydatnych słówek związanych ze świętami: I wish you a marry Christmas and a happy New Year – najbardziej popularne życzenia świąteczne Christmas cards – pocztówki świąteczne, Christmas tree – choinka, mistletoe – jemioła, holly – ostrokrzew, gifts – prezenty, Christmas turkey – świąteczny indyk (w krajach anglosaskich jest to tradycyjna potrawa świąteczna), carols – kolędy Świąteczne dni: Christmas Eve – Wigilia Bożego Narodzenia, Christmas Day – 25 grudnia,

HOBBY That annoy our parents

Conflicts with parents are not the nicest thing but they happen. The age gap doesn’t let them understand many things that teenagers do nowadays. Try to excuse your parents sometimes, even if you don’t agree with them. Imagine you listen to music all day long. You love it! Unfortunately, your parents don’t like it. They are angry every time it’s too loud and they believe you can’t study when the

The Natural Environment

During your matura exam, you may be required to complete a task connected with the natural environment. For example, you can be asked to give answers to questions concerning a text related to the natural environment, state your opinion on an environmental issue, etc. Below you will find vocabulary necessary to talk or write about this topic.  Weather and climate weather – pogoda, warunki atmosferyczne weather chart – mapa synoptyczna


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS – STOSUNKI MIĘDZYNARODOWE tense relations – napięte stosunki diplomatic – dyplomatyczne to break off – zerwać to revive – odnowić to reduce tension – redukować napięcia to negotiate – negocjować, pertraktować summit (meeting) – spotkanie na szczycie to reach compromise – osiągnąć kompromis to reconcile – dojść do pojednania to sign a treaty – podpisać układ diplomacy – dyplomacja diplomatic protocol – protokół dyplomatyczny European Union (EU) – Unia

WELFARE – opieka społeczna

WELFARE – opieka społeczna Poverty A lot of people in Poland live in poverty. If they have right to welfare, they turn to the Department of Social Security. They receive a benefit but it is often too low for them to get by so they often fall into debts. Hopefully, there are a lot of charity organizations which offer financial and material support for people in need. Poverty – ubóstwo to live


RELIGION & DENOMINATIONS There are more than one hundred registered churches and religious associations in Poland. The biggest numbers belong to the Catholic Church, approximately 95% of the religious segment of Polish society. There are now 40 dioceses and 13 Latin metropolitan archdioceses, and one Byzantine-Ukrainian metropolitan archdiocese. The head of a diocese is its bishop. All the bishops together constitute the Episcopate of Poland. Apart from the Catholic Church there


Economy Since the turning point of 1989, Poland has undergone great political, social and economic changes. The introduction of democratic structures, the shift from a command economy to the free market and wide-ranging systemic reforms are all achievements which enable the country to develop its economy. After a short period of recession and stagnation the crisis has been overcome. Although the inflation rate is still high, there are more and more investments


IMPREZY SPORTOWE I’m looking forward to the next Olympic Games. I always watch them as in my opinion they are the most important sporting event. I prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter ones because I have more time during holidays to watch all of the competitions. The moment of lighting the Olympic flame is always moving as well as the speeches from members of the International Olympic Committee. Some


During your matura exam you may be expected to cope with tasks connected with travel, means of transport, etc. You can for example deal with a text concerning different ways of travelling or be asked to describe your favourite places, special places you visited, etc. Below you will find vocabulary connected with travel. travel – podróż, podróżować journey – podróż Słowo journey oznacza „podróż”, „wyjazd”, „wyprawę”, np. Our journey to the United