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vegetarian cuisine – kuchnia wegetariańska to eat healthy food – odżywiać się zdrowo to change eating habits – zmienić sposób odżywiania to be on a diet – być na diecie well-balanced daily diet – pełnowartościowa dieta dzienna reach in protein – bogaty w białko lean meat – chude mięso fat-free food, non-fat foods – produkty beztłuszczowe light food – jedzenie lekkostrawne heavy food – jedzenie ciężkostrawne nutritious food – pożywne jedzenie nourishing

EATING OUT – żywienie poza domem

Waiter: Would you like to order now? Customer: Yes, please. W: What would you like as a starter? C: I’d like the prawn cocktail. W: And for your main course? C: Have you got grilled trout? W: I’m sorry; we haven’t got any fish today. C: OK. I’ll have the fried chicken, then. Does it come with baked potatoes or rice? W :No, with chips. C: Can I have it with rice

TECHNOLOGY – technologia, technika

During your matura exam you are likely to deal with texts connected with technology. Examination tasks may, for example, involve: answering questions concerning a written text or recording dealing with the topic of science and/ or new technologies; stating your opinion concerning the influence of modern technologies on people’s lives; solving a test checking your lexical knowledge. Below you will find vocabulary connected with the topic and mistakes that Polish

THE MAN: ways of walking and looking and sounds

During your matura exam you can be required to produce a more detailed desription of people depicted in a picture, to complete or thoroughly understand a text concerning the way people look or behave. This lesson aims at revision of verbs connected with people’s posture, movement, ways of looking and human sounds. Remember! When describing a picture, you should use the present continuous. For example: A plump boy is peeping

The press and the media

Contemporary mass media may be a subject of discussion or essay during your matura exam. You may, for example, be asked to discuss an issue concerning the influence of modern media on our daily life or to write an essay discussing pros and cons of the development of television. Before we focus on examples of such examination tasks, let’s revise vocabulary and phrases concerning mass media. Uwaga! „Media” to rzeczownik o nieregularnej

Health and illness

During the matura exam you can be required to solve tasks connected with health, illnesses, visit to doctor’s or healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. Before discussing examples of examination tasks, let’s revise the vocabulary! Illnesses (choroby) affliction – przypadłość, choroba ailment – dolegliwość illness – choroba disease – choroba sickness – choroba ill – chory Przymiotnik ill łączy się często z następującymi przysłówkami: dangerously – poważnie, niebezpiecznie critically – krytycznie, ciężko extremely

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – przestępczość i kara

During your matura exam you are likely to deal with texts connected with crime, offence and punishment. You can be required to: answer questions concerning a written text or recording dealing with the topic of crime; fill in the gaps in a test assessing your lexical and grammatical knowledge; relate a story concerning crime. Vocabulary connected with crime Crimes and Offences crime – zbrodnia; przestępstwo capital crime – przestępstwo zagrożone karą śmierci non-capital