Waiter: Would you like to order now?
Customer: Yes, please.
W: What would you like as a starter?
C: I’d like the prawn cocktail.
W: And for your main course?
C: Have you got grilled trout?
W: I’m sorry; we haven’t got any fish today.
C: OK. I’ll have the fried chicken, then. Does it come with baked potatoes or rice?
W :No, with chips.
C: Can I have it with rice instead?
W: Of course. Would you like any dessert?
C: Yes, apple pie with cream.
W: And anything to drink?
C: Yes, I’d like a glass of mineral water.
W: Would you like anything else?
C: That’s all right, thank you.


I like eating out but I avoid going to fast food restaurants or self-service bars. I enjoy stylish restaurants with a nice atmosphere and friendly service. My ­favourite one is ­Esmeralda. Its chef really knows how to prepare game. Everything there is so delicious that I always leave large tips for the waiters.

Last week I invited my girlfriend to dinner. I wanted to propose to her so I chose an elegant restaurant with an extensive menu. The place setting was impressive: white tablecloth, green serviettes, green plates and silver cutlery. First, we ordered snails in a butter sauce, a dish which is the chef’s special. Then, we had minestrone because we both like Italian cuisine. For the main course I chose a speciality of the house: beef roulade with vegetable side dishes. Sophie preferred sole in a lemon sauce. Then I ordered the best French champagne and gave an engagement ring to my sweetheart. She accepted my marriage proposal before we finished dessert.

The Kashiba restaurant is run by Mr. Takusaruba Arakawa. This Japanese restaurant offers perfect classical Japanese cuisine. Sushi prepared by the chef himself is a delight. As the restaurant keeps its fresh fish deep-frozen in special refrigerators, they always have extremely good sushi. Order hand rolls with tuna or salmon, and you’ll love it. Other dishes worth ­mentioning are marinated salmon and chives and hot dishes like bonito duck broth or beef and black beans in a mango sauce and grilled pineapple with butterscotch sauce. For drinks they offer all sorts of soft drinks as well as beer, sake and they also have a good wine list. This is certainly one of the finest Japanese restaurants so making a reservation is absolutely necessary.


What I like best about my school is the canteen. The food is fresh and tasty, and we always have some choice. We can choose between two soups and three main courses. I especially like veal chops and goulash. Last week we even had stuffed turkey, which was really delicious. We also have a good choice of desserts e.g. ice cream, cheesecake or some fruit.
I hate my school canteen but my mum wants me to eat there. She doesn’t believe me when I complain about the monotonous and tasteless food they serve. The cooks can make only three soups: tomato, cauliflower and potato soup. We have a wider variety of main courses but it doesn’t mean they are tasty. The roasted chicken is almost always underdone, whereas the beef steaks are tough. They sometimes serve stewed cabbage but it’s also disgusting. They always make it on Fridays so I think they put all of the leftovers into it. Luckily, there’s a salad buffet and if I’m hungry I can have a mixed or tomato salad, which is bearable. The only dessert we have is a yeast cake. It’s delicious on Mondays but during the week it becomes stale.


Dear Mary,
You want to hear some juicy gossip about John? Meet me in Blue Sky café on Tuesday at 5 p.m. We’ll have cappuccino or hot chocolate together. Besides, they serve delicious meringues. You won’t regret it.

restaurant – restauracja

  • place setting – nakrycie
  • napkin/ serviette – serwetka
  • dish – danie
  • dish of the day – danie dnia
  • speciality of the house – specjalność restauracji
  • chef’s special – specjalność szefa kuchni
  • starter – przekąska
  • hors d’oeuvre – przystawka
  • first course – pierwsze danie
  • main course – danie główne
  • vegerable side dishes – dodatki z warzyw
  • spices – przyprawy
  • dessert – deser
  • menu – menu, karta dań
  • wine list – karta win
  • cuisine – kuchnia (danego regionu, kraju itp.)
  • caviar – kawior
  • snails in a butter sauce – ślimaki w sosie maślanym
  • sushi – sushi
  • spring rolls (US: egg rolls) – sajgonki
  • minestrone – włoska zupa jarzynowa
  • fish soup – zupa rybna
  • crayfish soup – zupa z raków
  • leek cream – krem z porów
  • ravioli – pierożki w sosie ­pomidorowym
  • spaghetti Bolognese – spaghetti po bolońsku
  • lasagne – lasagne
  • risotto – risotto
  • Vienna cutlet – sznycel wiedeński
  • beef roulade – zraz zawijany
  • shish kebab – szaszłyk
  • goose liver – wątróbka gęsia
  • haggis – szkocka potrawa z podróbek baranich, łoju i owsa
  • sole in a lemon sauce – sola w sosie cytrynowym
  • au gratin – zapiekane z serem
  • dry wine – wino wytrawne
  • semi-dry wine – wino półwytrawne
  • sweet wine – wino słodkie
  • rosé wine – wino różowe
  • sparkling wine – wino musujące
  • champagne – szampan
  • chef – szef kuchni
  • waiter – kelner
  • waitress – kelnerka
  • wine waiter – kelner podający wino
  • service – obsługa
  • to order – zamawiać
  • recommend – polecać
  • bill (US: check) – rachunek
  • tip – napiwek
  • service charge – opłata za obsługę
  • reservation – rezerwacja
  • canteen – stołówka
  • cook – kucharz, kucharka
  • self-service – samoobsługa
  • free seat – wolne miejsce
  • plate – talerz
  • soup plate – głęboki talerz
  • spoon – łyżka
  • fork – widelec
  • knife – nóż
  • cutlery – sztućce
  • tray – taca
  • vegetable soup – zupa jarzynowa
  • cauliflower soup – zupa kalafiorowa
  • potato soup – zupa ziemniaczana
  • roasted chicken – kurczak pieczony
  • fish fingers – paluszki rybne
  • stewed cabbage – bigos
  • meat balls – klopsiki
  • salad – sałatka
  • tomato sauce – sos pomidorowy
  • soya sauce – sos sojowy
  • salad buffet – bufet z sałatkami
  • yeast cake – ciasto drożdżowe
  • café – kawiarnia
  • coffee – kawa
  • espresso – kawa z ekspresu
  • cappuccino – cappuccino
  • iced coffee – kawa mrożona
  • tea – herbata
  • slice of lemon – plasterek cytryny
  • hot chocolate – gorąca czekolada
  • meringues and cream – bezy z bitą śmietaną
  • chocolate mousse – mus czekola­­dowy
  • cup – filiżanka
  • saucer – spodeczek
  • teapot – dzbanek do herbaty
  • coffee pot – dzbanek do kawy
  • coffee maker – ekspres do kawy
  • teaspoon – łyżeczka
  • straw – słomka do napojów
  • ice cube – kostka lodu
  • tablecloth – obrus
  • ashtray – popielniczka
  • fast food restaurant – bar szybkiej obsługi
  • sandwich bar – bar kanapkowy
  • pizza restaurant – pizzeria
  • inn – zajazd, gospoda
  • tavern – tawerna
  • diner – tania restauracja w USA
  • tea house – herbaciarnia
  • salty – słony
  • sweet – słodki
  • bitter – gorzki
  • sour – kwaśny
  • spicy/ hot – pikantny
  • mild – łagodny
  • tasty – smaczny
  • delicious – wyśmienity
  • tender – miękki, delikatny
  • crisp – kruchy
  • juicy – soczysty
  • tough – twardy
  • overdone – rozgotowany, przypalony
  • underdone – niedogotowany, niedo­smażony
  • nourishing – pożywny
  • tasteless – bez smaku
  • stale – czerstwy
  • disgusting – ohydny