We decided to spend four days in Edinburgh. It is a big city so before we went sightseeing we visited a tourist infor­mation office. It was a good decision as the girl who worked there was really helpful. She gave us a city map, some brochures and catalogues. She advised us what is worth seeing and visiting in Edin­burgh. She re­com­men­ded some hotels and restaurants. She also offered to find a guide for us but we thought it was not necessary, as we had already bought a good guidebook and a phrase­book.

Tourist information – informacja turystyczna

  • travel agency – biuro podróży
  • brochure – folder reklamowy, broszura
  • leaflet – ulotka
  • catalogue – katalog
  • road map, atlas – mapa samochodowa
  • city map – plan miasta
  • guidebook – przewodnik turys­tyczny
  • guide – przewodnik (osoba)
  • phrasebook – rozmówki
  • travel destination – cel podróży
  • to advise – doradzać
  • to recommend – polecać
  • to offer – oferować