How do you spend your free time?

I don’t do anything special with my free time. I just listen to music and read magazines. Sometimes I go out with my friends but we never do anything special… well, we meet other friends. I believe that during my free time I should relax and rest and I can’t do any difficult or tiring activities, right.

special – szczególne, wyjątkowe
to go out – wychodzić
to believe – wierzyć
to relax – relaksować się
to rest – odpoczywać
tiring activities – męczące czynności

When I don’t go to school and or help my mum at home, I meet my girlfriend. We spend our free time together. We go for walks, watch TV, when we have money we go to a café or the cinema. We feel very comfortable together and we are so unhappy when we are apart.

have to – musieć
to feel comfortable – czuć się wygodnie
to be apart – być osobno

I like spending my free time on my own reading books. I also like watching films. I like my friends, but when I am alone I can experience a book or a film, you know,
I can cry if I feel touched. During the weekends I like going to the cinema. Then, I go with my friends or parents. I don’t like doing nothing like my school mates sometimes do. They sit on the bench and talk about the same things all the time!

on my own – sam/sama
to experience – doświadczyć
to feel touched – wzruszyć się
school mates – koledzy/koleżanki ze szkoły
a bench – ławka
all the time – cały czas

I love spending my free time far away from the city.
If I have an opportunity, I go away with my parents. Unfortunately, it is only possible at the weekend or during holidays. During the week I always go for long walks after school. I also love doing outdoor sports and I always try to talk my friends into it.

far away – daleko
to spend – spędzać
an opportunity – możliwość
outdoor sports – sporty na świeżym powietrzu
talk my friends into it – namówić przyjaciół na to

I have some free time right after school. Then I walk my doggie and play with him. I do some shopping and then sit down and unfortunately watch series’ on TV. Yes, I know, it’s not very ambitious but some series are really interesting and they are not so stupid. The next day I always have a subject to talk about with my friends.

right after – od razu po
a doggie – piesek
series on TV – seriale w telewizji
ambitious – ambitne
stupid – głupie

My free time? When I have some free time, I just sleep. Every day I have to get up early in the morning and travel to school (well, just half an hour, but when there are traffic jams!). After school, I have to do the homework and I really don’t sleep much during the week. That’s why my free time is my sleep time!

some – trochę
just – tu: po prostu
a traffic jam – korek uliczny
during – podczas, w ciągu