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How do you spend your free time?

How do you spend your free time? Darek I don’t do anything special with my free time. I just listen to music and read magazines. Sometimes I go out with my friends but we never do anything special… well, we meet other friends. I believe that during my free time I should relax and rest and I can’t do any difficult or tiring activities, right. special – szczególne, wyjątkowe to

Where can a teenager go in his or her free time?

Teenagers are outgoing people. They like different things and they go to different places. Where can you spend time so as not to get bored? Parties If your friends are organizing a party, it’s perfect! You meet your friends, you can talk and have fun (dobrze się bawić). If the weather (pogoda) is nice, you can go to a festival or concert organized outside (na zewnątrz). It’s a good place

Do you care about your body and mind? (psychotest)

It is said that people are minds and bodies and that’s obvious. More often people try to keep fit but they also remember to take care of their minds. In the USA, for example, there are many clubs where you can train your body and your mind at the same time, e.g. while working out, you listen to poetry. Człowiek to umysł i ciało. Ale coraz częściej ludzie dbają tylko o


Most of us have got some favourite things we like doing. What is your hobby? Do you have a hobby? Have you got any hobbies? – My hobby is collecting old clocks. writing letters. learning English. making models areoplanes. collecting old furniture/ stamps/ coins/ match boxes. – Fishing / Watching television is my favourite pastime. – My hobby is climbing. – It is rather dangerous. – Perhaps that is why

Free time in the city

Free time in the city What do you do if you have a day or two off (wolne), and you have to stay in the city? Do you watch TV or play computer games? Or maybe you go to the supermarket? Oh, come on! There so much more to do in the city! That’s what you already know, isn’t it? But what to do to make your trip more interesting