Free time in the city

What do you do if you have a day or two off (wolne), and you have to stay in the city? Do you watch TV or play computer games? Or maybe you go to the supermarket? Oh, come on!
There so much more to do in the city!

That’s what you already know, isn’t it? But what to do to make your trip more interesting and better?

  • Check where you can buy a half-price ticket (take your documents with you!).
  • After the cinema go with your friends somewhere and talk about the movie – you can read a review (recenzja) before you see the film.
  • If you go to a theatre, choose a play (sztuka) you may like. You like laughing – choose a comedy, you like tragical stories – choose Shakespeare. Don’t go to the opera if you know you won’t like it.
  • Have a good time with your friends in a museum. Entrance (wejście) is not very expensive and if you remember the museum from your childhood (dzieciństwo), your memories (wspomnienia) will come alive.
  • Galleries and exhibitions (wystawy) can be very interesting. Sit down (you and your friends) and think what you are interested in, what you want to see. A photo exhibition can be as interesting as an exhibition of military artefacts. It all depends on your interests.
  • Don’t forget about sport! You can ride a bike (be careful with cars!) or play football and during the winter you shouldn’t be stuck (utkwiony) at home! If there’s no hill in your area, you can find a skate-rink (lodowisko). It can be a great place for your date as well!
  • You don’t feel like doing anything? That’s OK. Take your friends (just a best friend or a partner) and have a picnic.
    If there’s a lake or meadow (łąka) near your city, that’s perfect. If not – find a quiet and clean park. Believe me even in the centre of a big city you can find one.
  • Eat out with your friends. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nice evening. Find a restaurant you’ve never been to (Asian, Turkish, Japanese) or take a dish (danie) you wouldn’t normally order. Share (podziel się) one meal or have a small snack (przekąska) each. You may still leave hungry but at least you tasted something new.

Now, all you need is to be in a good mood!


Make your day super-interesting!

You want to have a great time in a city? It so easy!

  • Make a list of places you want to see (you can ask your parents or grandparents what they would like to visit).
  • Visit a Town Hall (Ratusz) to get some information about the places you want to see (if you find any information on internet, that’s OK as well).
  • Copy a map of your city/town – with a pen or on a computer. It does not matter (to nie jest ważne).
  • Mark (zaznacz) places you want to visit (you can glue small photos or try to draw them).
  • Link (połącz) all the places in the order you want to visit them.
  • Invite somebody to go with you for the trip.

What can you do in the city?

There is a very long list of things you can do in a city:

  • go to a gallery
  • visit a museum
  • go to the cinema
  • go to a theatre
  • eat out in a restaurant
  • relax in a park
  • do some sports