Environment pollution

One of the greatest problems of the contemporary world is the pollution of the environment. Cars and factories emit gases which contaminate the atmosphere. It leads to depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain and global warming. Water is also heavily polluted because of tanker leaks, oil spills and the dumping of sewage directly into rivers and seas. Deforestation and the use of fertilizers cause soil erosion, the disruption of ecological balance and the extinction of endangered species. Nuclear fuel is also very dangerous to the environment as its radiation could destroy the ecosystem.

Environment protection

People have destroyed the environment to such an extent that it’s high time they thought more about its protection. They should be made more sensitive ­to ­ecological problems and their environmental awareness should be much higher. Every political party ­should include in their programme some pro-ecological postulates e.g. water and energy conservation, protection of natural recourses and traffic reduction. ­It would be great if more and more national parks were created. Average citizens should buy only environmentally friendly products and always recycle bottles, ­paper and plastic.

Environment pollution – zanieczyszczenie środowiska

  • environment – środowisko
  • polluted – zanieczyszczony
  • pollution – zanieczyszczenie
  • to pollute – zanieczyszczać
  • contamination – skażenie, zanieczyszczenie
  • sewage – ścieki
  • to dump – wyrzucać
  • depletion – uszczuplenie, wyczerpywanie
  • oil spills – wycieki ropy
  • leak – wyciek
  • fertilizers – nawozy
  • ecological balance – równowaga ekologiczna
  • acid rain – kwaśne deszcze
  • deforestation – wycinanie lasów
  • destruction of the rain forest – niszczenie lasów tropikalnych
  • extinction – wymieranie
  • endangered species – zagrożone gatunki
  • greenhouse effect – efekt cieplarniany
  • global warming – globalne ocieplenie
  • to emit – emitować
  • emission – emisja
  • ozone layer – warstwa ozonowa
  • soil erosion – erozja gleby
  • nuclear fuel – paliwo jądrowe
  • radiation – promieniowanie
  • to dump rubbish – składować ­śmieci
  • to destroy the ecosystem – zniszczyć system ekologiczny

Environment protection – ochrona środowiska

  • protection of the environment – ochrona środowiska
  • energy conservation – oszczędzanie energii
  • environmental awareness – świadomość zagrożeń środowiska
  • ecological awareness – świadomość ekologiczna
  • environmentally friendly – przyjazny środowisku
  • protection of resources – ochrona zasobów
  • creating of national parks – tworzenie parków narodowych
  • traffic reduction – zmniejszenie ruchu samochodowego
  • disposable bottle – butelka jednorazowa
  • reusable bottle – butelka zwrotna
  • recycling – przetwórstwo odpadów
  • to recycle bottles/ paper – przetwarzać butelki/ papier


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