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Zadanie maturalne

Przeczytaj poniższe wypowiedzi osób (A-D). Następnie odpowiedz na pytania pod tekstem (1-5), wpisując odpowiednie litery umieszczone obok każdego pytania.

A. Janice
First of all, we should concentrate on preventing destruction of the habitat. I think we should give more financial support to poorer countries where people are destroying habitats. When the animals lose their habitats, they become extinct. In addition, we could concentrate on planting more trees and this way protecting jungles and forests. As the trees are cut out or burnt out the forests are disappearing.

B. Agnes
I believe that we should reduce pollution. Factories and cars release poisonous chemicals into the air. The chemicals mix with the water in the clouds, and the polluted rain, which falls damages trees, lakes and buildings. Governments should encourage industries to use cleaner methods of production as nowadays factories pour dangerous chemicals into rivers and oceans.

C. James
Many animals find it difficult to survive in their natural habitats, but people still hunt them. Environmentalists try to protect the animals and places where they live. Unless there are strict laws introduced the hunters will bring more and more animals to the brink of extinction or even will make them extinct.

D. James
Society is producing too much packaging and food waste which are dropped in the streets or end up on the rubbish tip. The public should be educated about the importance of recycling as it is the production of new materials that causes more damage to the environment. Ways of limiting non renewable materials in homes should be widely promoted. More aware shopping should also be encouraged.

Which person…

  1. suggests political intervention into environmental problems? BC
  2. giving money to help solving problems? A
  3. points people as main cause of animal killings C
  4. encourages forestation A
  5. talks about teaching how to reuse materials D

Wskazówki do poprawnych odpowiedzi

W tym rodzaju zadania podobna informacja wyrażona jest innymi słowami i należy je odnaleźć w tekście. Zobacz, jakie synonimy do słów kluczy zawiera tekst.

1. political intervention = governments should encourage people, laws introduced
2. financial support = giving money
3. people cause animal killings = people hunt
4. forestation = planting tree´s
5. teaching = people should be educated