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Around the Netherlands

In most languages ”Holland” is used as a synonym (synonim) of “the Netherlands”. How wrong it is! Holland is a region in the Netherlands consisting of (składający się z) two provinces: North Holland and South Holland. The correct name of the country is “the Netherlands”. But don’t worry! Dutch people will not feel offended (obrażeni) if you use any of these terms. Dutch are well known as a very tolerant nation. The Dutch

Around Spain

Sunny weather, happy and friendly people, tortilla, flamenco and corrida! We are in Spain! Spain is a country full of adventure, holidays, laziness (leniuchowanie) and love. Old architecture and Spanish history mix (mieszają się) with culture and stories of particular regions. In Spain there are seventeen autonomous communities. It means that wherever you go, you meet different people, cultures and customs. Very often language that people speak is not Spanish! They

Explorer’s horoscope

Aries (March 21 – April 19) You love adventures and you hate being bored (znudzony). Unfortunately this month you will discover you can’t afford (pozwolić sobie) any adventures. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) You may see your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend kissing somebody else. Remember to be delicate! Virgo (August 23 – September 22) This is a very important month for you. You will understand how much your boyfriend/girlfriend means

Compass points – kierunki świata

Compass points – kierunki świata N – north – północ; in the north (na północy). S – south – południe; in the south (na południu). E – east – wschód; in the east (na wschodzie). W – west – zachód; in the west (na zachodzie). NE (north-east – północny wschód); NW (north-west – północny zachód); SE (south-east – południowy wschód); SW (south-west – południowy zachód). Zapamiętaj!  Nazwy kierunków świata zawsze

Around Italy

What is Italy famous for? Let’s see! Pasta, Pizza, fine art, great wine, the Roman Empire, the Colloseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Krzywa Wieża w Pizie), ice-cream, beautiful beaches and gorgeous (wspaniałe) mountains, friendly people, handsome men and beautiful women, opera, romance, gondolas, the Venice carnival, expensive clothes and brands (marki) and gorgeous shoes! And of course food! Good chocolate, espresso, parmesan cheese, ravioli, spaghetti and many, many other things.

Seven steps for a successful theatre production!

You dream (marzysz, śnisz) of being a star or maybe you just want to have a fantastic adventure with theatre! Here are seven steps on how to be successful in your school theatre venture (przedsięwzięcie)! Step 1 Prepare a poster (plakat) inviting people to attend a meeting or set up (założyć) a theatre group in your school. Discus together what kind of spectacle you would like to produce. For example: a classic play such as “Romeo

Around the UK

England is only a part of the United Kingdom and you mustn’t forget that! English language, teatime (czas na herbatę/podwieczorek) and London with its typical tourist attractions: Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and the double-decker buses (autobusy piętrusy). These are the first things that spring to mind when you talk about England. But ”hello”! England is only a part of the United Kingdom and you mustn’t forget that! The UK, or just Britain

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games You don’t have to be a great fan of sport to be excited before every Olympic Games. We all wait for this event, keeping our fingers crossed (trzymając kciuki) for the sportsmen from our country. The original Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and was celebrated until AD 393. Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. And that is how it

About Greece

Who wouldn’t like to visit Greece?! A beautiful country of Zorba and tzatziki! Greek islands are popular amongst (wśród) tourists! Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Rhodos… and others are holiday destinations (cele wakacyjnye) for thousands of people! Greece is a very attractive place. Its history, old buildings like the Acropolis, a long list of philosophers and of course poets make the place magical. Ancient Greece is often called ”the cradle (kołyska) of Western civilization”! Greek

What is your attitude to fashion?

Everyone of us thinks about what we wear. Answer the questions below and find out what fashion means to you. Test yourself: 1. You moved to a new place and tomorrow’s your first day at a new school. A. You wear the most shocking clothes you have. B. You wear something you think you look good in. C. You try to get something that kids in the area wear. 2. You go for

Around France

Around France What’s the first thing you think of when you say France? Frogs, snails (ślimaki), the Eiffel Tower, wine and of course… fashion and art! France is one of the most famous countries in the world. Why? Their food is fantastic (sometimes strange: frog legs or snail). The language is beautiful, although (chociaż) very difficult. A romantic atmosphere is always in the air, especially in Paris, and don’t forget about

Are you ready for a new school year?

For some people summer is fun but they miss their friends. During the holidays they are resting and refreshing their minds. Are you one of these people? 1. You are coming home from a camp (holidays) with a large backpack. When you arrive home, how do you feel? A. Relief! Home at last! B. It’s nice to be home but I could spend more time on holidays. C. I’m angry and terrified. Why is it all over!? 2. You

Home alone? Going crazy!

Your parents decided to go and visit their friends for a whole day. Or maybe they are leaving for two days! You are going to stay home alone! What are you going to do? You are going to stay on your own! It can be really fantastic. You can… can… can… You can leave dirty mugs (kubki) and plates unwashed, leave clothes on the floor and watch whatever you like on

Is it easy to make you laugh?

People who like laughing have more friends than people who don’t laugh at all. But it is also quite dangerous in meeting new people if you laugh all the time! What would you say about… 1. …jokes about a doctor? A. I love them. They are so funny. B. Some of them are quite OK. C. They are not funny at all. 2. …April Fool’s? A. Great time and lots of fun.

What are they proud of!

Every country has something special that people recognize (rozpoznają) all over the world. When you say “Spain”, you think of flamenco and corrida. Say “France” and you think of the Eiffel Tower, romance and… snails. Of course there are many more things that those countries may be proud of! Great Britain is not a very big country but it is impossible to say that one thing that defines (opisują) it. England

July horoscope

Taurus Somebody you like very much ­seems not to notice you at all. Do not worry! Next month you may meet somebody special. Gemini In the middle of July you may expect a very nice meeting. Somebody you almost forgot about still remembers you! Cancer You will be lucky this month. You may count on a big surprise. Just make sure you answer the phone! Leo You’ll have an easy month with

Are you a responsible teenager?

1. At the bus stop you notice you didn’t take your ticket with you. If you don’t take this bus, you’ll be late for school. A. You buy a single ticket. B. You walk to school and are late. C. You get on the bus anyway. Maybe you won’t get caught. 2. You forgot to return a book to your friend and he’s really upset. A. You say “sorry” and promise to

Your final school results!

Your final results! In between the end of the school year and the start of the holidays there may be a small (or huge) disturbance. Your final assessment (świadectwo)! Your situation depends on many factors: the way you behave, if you study or not, whether your parents are understanding and finally – if you personally care! Every year it’s the same: I am an average student. I mean, sometimes I have problems, sometimes I get

It’s time for picnic!

You want to relax in a quiet place, with good food and company in the fresh air and sunshine and forget about all your problems. Is it possible? Of course, it is! Organize a picnic! To make sure that you’ll have a great time, you should answer these four questions. 1. Where to go? You have to feel comfortable and find it easy to relax. Think of a beautiful meadow (łąka) or forest where

The Internet – Good or Bad

Internet is more and more popular. The number of teenagers using the Internet has grown 24% in the past four years and 87% of those between the ages of 12 and 17 are online. Of course there is the bad and… the good side… The Bad Easy access to pornography (children can come across pictures or films accidentally). Viruses and malicious software (złe/wredne oprogramowanie) that affect our home and business