People who like laughing have more friends than people who don’t laugh at all. But it is also quite dangerous in meeting new people if you laugh all the time!

What would you say about…

1. …jokes about a doctor?
A. I love them. They are so funny.
B. Some of them are quite OK.
C. They are not funny at all.

2. …April Fool’s?
A. Great time and lots of fun.
B. One or two traditional jokes are OK.
C. I could live without this day. It always annoys me.

3. …“Dump and dumper” film?
A. A fantastic movie!
B. There are some good moments, like in every American comedy.
C. It’s hopeless! It has a horrible sense of humour.

4. …a group of people laughing on the bus?
A. It’s so nice people are happy. I smile at them.
B. I don’t mind them as long as they are polite.
C. They could be quiet! They are in a public place.

5. …you fall over in a busy street?
A. I laugh at myself. I must have looked funny.
B. There’s no big problem. I just get up and pretend that nothing happened.
C. I get angry and give evil looks to people who are looking at me.


ostly A
You are a laughing time-bomb (bomba śmiechu). You burst into laughter (wybuchasz śmiechem) for no reason (for the others because for you there’s always a reason). You are a happy person with huge sense of humour (poczucie humoru) – for some people it’s a great sense of humour, for others a bad one. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know when to stop and it annoys (drażni) people! If you want to make friends this summer, don’t play jokes on people you’ve just met.

Mostly B
You have a good sense of humour but you don’t laugh at everything. You know what kind of humour, jokes you like. If somebody does or says something you don’t like, you will tell him about it. It’s very good because every party needs a person who doesn’t play stupid jokes. If your friend tells a joke that you don’t find funny, you’ll smile not to hurt him – that’s really nice. That’s why people really like you. What is really important: you know when you have to be serious.

Mostly C
It seems as if you had no sense of humour at all. When a friend is telling a joke, you are asking thousands of questions and it makes a joke completely unfunny. Some of your friends admit that you can destroy (zepsuć) every party with your lack of humour (brak poczucia humoru)! And what makes you really angry? People laughing at you!