Your parents decided to go and visit their friends for a whole day. Or maybe they are leaving for two days! You are going to stay home alone! What are you going to do? You are going to stay on your own! It can be really fantastic.

You can… can… can…
You can leave dirty mugs (kubki) and plates unwashed, leave clothes on the floor and watch whatever you like on TV. Of course you will have to clean the flat before your parents come back, but still – it’s fantastic to be able not to hear about cleaning for one day.

Beauty day!
You think it’s only girls that can have a “beauty day”. You are wrong! Girls and boys can prepare a relaxing oil bath and they won’t have to listen every ten minutes “How long are you going to stay there?!” – you are alone so nobody will disturb (przeszkadzać) you. Girls, of course, can spend hours on putting on face masks and taking care of their nails. This is a perfect “home alone” day!

Work out!
When your parents are away, you have an opportunity (okazję) to do some sport. You do it when they are there? Well, now you can concentrate only on working out. Nobody will ask you to do different things every time you start exercising!

There are many movies that make you cry. Of course, normally you never cry because there is somebody who may laugh at you. Now, when you spend a day alone at home, you can cry as much as you want. It’s nice, to get emotional (wzruszony) sometimes.

Get loud!
If your parents are always annoyed with loud music, now you have an opportunity to be loud! Do not exaggerate (nie przesadzaj), of course! Listen to loud music, but not too loud!

Become a pop star!
Staying home alone lets you become a star! How? Turn your favourite CD on, grab (złap) a deodorant and give a concert! You are pretending of course, but it’s so much fun when there’s nobody who can laugh (śmiać się) at you!

Invite your friend!
When you are staying alone, it’s a perfect time to ask your parents if you can invite a friend to stay with you overnight. You don’t want to be completely alone in a dark, terrifying flat! They will say “yes” for sure!


When you stay home on your own, you have to be twice as careful (ostrożny) as you are when your parents are there. Remember!

  • Be careful while cooking! – remember that you are cooking and don’t leave the gas on for a long time.
  • Do not invite (zapraszać) people if your parents don’t know about it! Sooner or later (wcześniej czy później) a neighbour (sąsiad) will tell them about the party and if anything bad happens, you could be really in trouble. They would never leave you alone at home again.
  • Make sure you know all the important numbers – the police, Fire service, Hospital, your parents’ numbers and the place they are staying phone numbers are necessary.