In most languages ”Holland” is used as a synonym (synonim) of “the Netherlands”.
How wrong it is!

Holland is a region in the Netherlands consisting of (składający się z) two provinces: North Holland and South Holland. The correct name of the country is “the Netherlands”. But don’t worry! Dutch people will not feel offended (obrażeni) if you use any of these terms.

Dutch are well known as a very tolerant nation. The Dutch law allows (zezwala) abortion and euthanasia. They also accept same-sex marriage and soft drugs are legal. Many people don’t find such law right, and it makes the Netherlands quite isolated (wyizolowany).

The country of Van Gogh and Rembrandt is famous for cheese, clogs (drewniaki)

(wooden shoes), dikes (wały przeciwpowodziowe) and bicycles. Every Dutchman/Dutch­woman has at least one bike which is a great mean of transport (środek transportu) for children as well as for the adults. And we mustn’t forget about the tulips. Everybody knows where they grow!

Stay with us and you will find out more about what makes the Dutch a proud (dumny) nation.

  • Dutch – holenderski; zapamiętaj! – the Netherlands (or Holland), ale język – Dutch; narodowość – Dutch; Dutchman – Duńczyk; Dutchwoman – Dunka
  • famous for… – znany z…; pamiętaj, że „famous” i „popular” użyjesz z „for”!
  • dikes – zapory; wały przeciwpowodziowe; możesz spotkać się również z pisownią „dykes”
  • as well as – tak dobrze jak; zwrot używany przy porównaniach; AS + przymiotnik + AS – tak… jak, np.:
    as big as (tak duży jak); as important as (tak ważny jak)



Dopasuj odpowiednie słowo do każdej luki.

be; during; for; know; society; they; up; view; visiting; want

What makes the Dutch different from the rest of the world?

People in the Netherlands are tolerant, ___________ (1) value education, hard work and ambition. They grow ________ (2) into smart and self-reliable (samodzielnych) people. They are always honest and they _________ (3) you to be honest as well. You can easily express your point of ____________ (4) without being afraid that you may offend somebody. The only problem is that you can hear an honest opinion about yourself and it doesn’t always have to _____________ (5) nice! When you talk with a Dutchman/Dutchwoman, you must keep eye contact otherwise they may think you are rude or just a liar (kłamca).

If in your country you invite people ____________ (6) a meal, be warned. Dutch people inviting you home offer coffee, not a whole meal. You mustn’t disturb a Dutch family ____________ (7) the lunch or dinner time. Do not visit them, do not call – in the Netherlands it’s the time reserved for the family only!

Dutch people create a modern and individualistic _________(8). Every Dutch family recycles (the rubbish). They _______________ (9) perfectly what to do with an empty deodorant can or orange peel (skórka od pomarańczy). Small children are taught (są uczone) how important Mother Earth is. If you don’t follow the rules, it is treated like a crime.
So, when you are _____________ (10) the Netherlands, remember that you mustn’t throw rubbish in the street or into the wrong bin!


1 – they; 2 – up; 3 – want; 4 – view; 5 – be; 6 – for; 7 – during; 8 – society; 9 – know; 10 – visiting.


Did you know that…?

According to (nawiązując do) the legend, the Flying Dutchman (Latający Holender) is a ghost ship that can never go home. It sails the oceans forever. The Flying Dutchman is often seen from a distance (z daleka) but you can still notice some people, who died long time ago, working on the ship. Meeting the Flying Dutchman in the sea foresees (przepowiada) a tragedy!

Madurodam is a miniature city located in Scheveningen, the Hague, in the Netherlands. It is a model of a typical Dutch town on a 1:25 scale (w skali). Here you can see Dutch buildings and landmarks. This tourist attraction was built in 1952 and it was named after George Maduro, a law student (student prawa) from Curaçao who was a member of the Dutch resistance (ruch oporu) during the second World War. In 1945 he died in Dachau. His parents donated the money
to start the Madurodam project.

It is impossible to find so many great pieces of art gathered (zgromadzone) in one place as you can in the
Netherlands! There are over 1200 museums!