1. At the bus stop you notice you didn’t take your ticket with you. If you don’t take this bus, you’ll be late for school.
A. You buy a single ticket.
B. You walk to school and are late.
C. You get on the bus anyway. Maybe you won’t get caught.

2. You forgot to return a book to your friend and he’s really upset.
A. You say “sorry” and promise to give it back straight after school.
B. You run home to collect the book even if you are going to be late for classes.
C. You hope he’ll forget about it in a few hours time.

3. You are at a concert and you’re meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for months. You were supposed to be at home at 9 pm. You’re having a great time and when you look at your watch, it’s 8.50!
A. You try to make an appointment for some other day and say “bye”.
B. You keep on talking with your friend. You may be 15 minutes late.
C. Probably you wouldn’t even look at your watch. Your parents will be really angry.

4. Your relatives are going to visit you in the evening. Your parents are at work, you are at home. They call you and ask you to clean the flat. You…
A. Promise you’ll do it for sure and whatever happens you clean the flat!
B. You moan a little bit and finally say that you’ll do as much as you can.
C. Straight away you say “no”! You don’t have time and they are visiting your parents not you.

5. You met somebody special on the Internet chat and you’ve been talking for months. You want to meet him/her.
A. You tell my parents about the meeting and we discuss it.
B. You don’t tell anybody but my best friend. Other friends who meet people from the Internet may know as well.
C. You don’t tell anybody and you meet the person in secret.



Mostly A
You are a very responsible person. Your parents, teachers and friends trust you. You always keep a promise. You know what to do and how to behave in order not to get into trouble.
Ask your parents to let you go on holiday with your friends and you may be lucky! They may call you every day, or visit you once or twice, and you will have to make sure your friends’ parents know about the holidays as well. Don’t feel annoyed! Let your parents control you a bit and you’ll get your dream holidays.

Mostly B
You are still somewhere in-between an adult and a teenager so you still need somebody’s protection. In general you’re an honest and reliable person although sometimes you forget about promises you made. At least you say sorry! You have to be careful because a small lie for you may be a really big deal for somebody else.
Your parents’ decision about your holidays with friends depends on whether you’ve been honest and reliable lately or not.

Mostly C
You are not a responsible person at all. You behave as if you were a small kid. You should honestly think about your behaviour. The truth is that your parents can’t trust you. People can’t rely on you. You forget, don’t feel like bringing their books or money back and you are always late for meetings.
You tell people one thing and you do the other. So if your parents say ‘You are not going alone!’ – respect their decision. Probably you would have a lot of problems during such holidays.