Your final results!

In between the end of the school year and the start of the holidays there may be a small (or huge) disturbance. Your final assessment (świadectwo)! Your situation depends on many factors: the way you behave, if you study or not, whether your parents are understanding and finally – if you personally care!

Every year it’s the same: I am an average student. I mean, sometimes I have problems, sometimes I get good marks. It’s normal for me and many of my friends. Then I get “offers” for my finishing marks and… I’m disappointed. I want to be better! I start learning, reading and asking teachers for help. Sometimes I have to take some extra tests. My parents go crazy then, shouting and paying money for private classes (this year it’s maths and biology). They can’t believe I would be able to manage on my own! But I know that if I studied a little bit harder during the school year, I wouldn’t have so many things to learn. At the end of the day my parents accept my diploma as long as I pass to the next class.

I’m OK with my finishing marks this year. I’ll have no problem with any subject because I didn’t run away from school if I didn’t learn and teachers like me in general. My dad always says “Marks are not as important as what you have in your head”. I suppose they would be a little bit upset if my marks were bad but they know me very well so they know I study hard. Last year for example I got a 2 in biology but my parents just said “Don’t worry! What’s important is that you passed, right?” Well, of course if I get horrible marks and they see I don’t learn, then they may get angry and say “You won’t go on the school trip if you don’t learn!” Anyway, this year there will be nothing incredible, good or bad, on my diploma.

At the beginning of the school year I made a decision. I wanted to get a really good final assessment. My mum was a little surprised but happy. I’ve always been a good student. I like learning, especially subjects I’m interested in. I’ve always been good at history and polish literature. This year I took part (wziąłem udział) in an English language contest in our school! Maybe I wasn’t the best but I took second place (zająłem drugie miejsce) and, what is really important, my teachers believed I care. It helped me to get 6 in English and that really counts. This year my parents will get a congratulation letter (list z gratulacjami) as well! They will be really proud of me!

I’m so scared this year! I’m doomed (pogrążony)! My parents know I’m not a great student but this year they’re going to kill me. I’m in trouble in two subjects: maths and science. Teachers told me I still have a chance but I have to take some tests. I know I won’t pass because I would have to learn the material from the whole year. It’s impossible! I hate these subjects and I don’t understand them at all. My parents don’t realise I may not pass this year. I haven’t told them yet! I’m such a chicken! I’m trying to learn now and even my friends help me a bit but unfortunately I think it won’t really help. I’ll have to tell my parents soon. They’ll be shocked and it’ll take a year for them to forgive me!