Somebody you like very much ­seems not to notice you at all. Do not worry! Next month you may meet somebody special.

In the middle of July you may expect a very nice meeting. Somebody you almost forgot about still remembers you!

You will be lucky this month. You may count on a big surprise. Just make sure you answer the phone!

You’ll have an easy month with no problems. Maybe it’s the best moment to take care of yourself and relax?

Pay attention to people around you. Somebody doesn’t like you and will try to get you into trouble.

It’s a perfect month for your relationship! You’ll be so happy with each other. If you are single, look around. There is somebody who likes you very much.

Lots of interesting people on the way in July! You can choose but remember that you have to respect them. Do not date with two people at the same time!

A quiet month with your friends. You’ll have to wait till the next month for parties and meeting people.

Finally you’ll be able to go to a good party! You will have a great time and it will allow you to meet new people.

Your partner may be a little bit busy and you won’t spend much time together. Think twice before you tell him/her you’re leaving!

Nice month! You may meet some interesting people but you have to be friendlier! You may even fall in love!