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April Fool’s Day

Happy jokes Spring is closer and closer. Flowers, sun, insects appear every year at this time. Everything is happy and full of life. People feel spring in the air and want to laugh all the time. In Great Britain the most joyous day in springtime is April Fool’s Day. As in Poland Britons celebrate it on the 1st of April. This day people make jokes to each other. You can

Valentine’s Day

Zbliżają się walentynki, więc mamy dla Was kilka walentynkowych życzeń i wróżb (raczej u nas nieznanych). Spróbujcie sobie powróżyć. Może wróżba się sprawdzi? A przy okazji poćwiczycie angielski! Perfect date? Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day in the whole year. Finally you can show or tell to your beloved person what you really feel. If you don’t have so much courage to say it face to face you can

Doyou know what may happen to you next year?

Doyou know what may happen to you next year? Check it out! Would you like to know what may happen to you in a New Year – 2004? Don’t say you wouldn’t! Now you have an opportunity. Read the Horoscope and wait for the future! Capricorn –Koziorożec (December 22nd – January 20th) HOME: Your family will support your every decision but listen to them. It may help to avoid problems! FRIENDS:

A present will tell a lot!

Do you like getting presents? Do you like surprises? And what is your opinion about buying presents for unknown people? If you read the questions below and answer them, you will learn some things about yourself! 1. You have to buy a present for your boyfriend. What would you buy? (Musisz kupić prezent dla swojego chłopaka. Co kupiłabyś?) a) A video casette with a film that you really like. You will watch it

How do you find yourself?

What do you think about yourself? Are you self-confident or shy? If you don’t know that, check if the statements given below are true about you. Mark „yes” if you agree and „no” if you disagree. 1. When I see my face in a mirror, I always look for a spot that other people may notice. (Kiedy widzę swoją twarz w lustrze, zawsze szukam pryszcza, który mogliby zauważyć inni.) Yes   No 2. I would never take

Do you think only about yourself?

Are you a bossy person or a typical hard-working victim? Do you try to help others and don’t think of your needs? If you want to know whether you take too many responsibilities on your shoulders, try to answer the six questions choosing a, b, or c. 1. Your friend wasn’t at school and she wants to borrow from your math notebook. What do you do? a) You start to look for

Are you honest?

A few years ago one of the most popular magazines in the world made an experiment. They put 80 wallets, with £30 inside, on the street in four towns in England, Scotland and Wales. Each wallet contained also the name and telephone number of the owner as well as some family photographs. They were left in many different places: in shops, underground stations, car parks and many others. What do

HOROSCOPE What colour is perfect for

Think of your birthday date and check you star sign. Than read what colour is perfect for you to use all your potential. That colour can be used in your clothes, furniture in your room or in any other way. Every star sign has its own character. Check it, too!   Capricorn (Koziorożec) 22 December – 19 January Your colour: pink (różowy) You are: very patient. Sometimes you have problems

Your colour your personality

Your colour your personality (Twój kolor, twoja osobowość) If you want to know what your personality is or if you want to find out something about your behaviour, choose one colour from following ones: BROWN, GREY, BLUE, BLACK, RED, YELLOW, GREEN, VIOLET. Don’t think of the fashion or the clothes you are wearing. Just pick up the colour that you think about as first! Jeżeli chcesz wiedzieć, jaka jest Twoja

Best human’s friend

There’s a saying that the best human’s friend is a dog. You may agree or disagree with this statement but the truth is that dogs have very important role in our world. They can be companions of games, walks even watching television. But don’t forget their social role. Dogs are the only animals which help the police and in life saving operations. Of course, they have to go through exact examinations and

How the Leopard got it’s spots

Read a part of a story by Rudyard Kipling – famous author of The Jungle Book. Enjoy yourself! Rudyard Kipling How the Leopard got it’s spots (…) the Ethiopian put his five fingers close together (there was plenty of black left on his new skin still) and pressed them all over the Leopard, and wherever the five fingers touched they left five little black marks, all close together. You can see them

New school – new problems

Having (posiadanie) a boyfriend or a girlfriend is a fantastic thing! Unfortunately, sometimes there are some problems as well… Imagine (wyobraź sobie) you wanted to be in the same school with your other half (twoja druga połowa) but he or she decided to go to a different school! What would you do? How would you feel? Asia and Jarek have such a problem – read their diary (pamiętnik) and find

Are you a snob? Test yourself!

Test yourself! Do you pay attention (zwracać uwagę) to where you buy your clothes? Do you care if you have the newest technology device? Are you a snob? Check your answers and you will find out. You meet a new person. He/She is wearing best brand clothes (markowe ciuchy). What do you think of him/her? a) This is the person who should be my friend! b) If the clothes are

Pokoje w domu – jakie mogą być?

Party in the living room It was my birthday last week and my mum let me throw a party at home. Our living room is quite big so I could invite a lot of people. I have good hi-fi equipment. I put some cushions on the floor because six chairs, two armchairs and a sofa wouldn’t be enough for such a crowd. We danced a lot and had a great time. Children’s room – I can relax there! When I’m

What is your room like?

What is your room like? Read and check! ARIES (BARAN) There are two things important for you: your room must be both original and functional. You have simple furniture, no carpets on the floor. You have simple colours in your room – mostly black and white. There is always some interesting element in your room: for example a huge, red poster on the wall, or a beautiful, modern CD-player. TAURUS

Kingdom of Norway

Many of us think that Norway is cold, snowy and polar bears walk in the streets… Well, the truth is that Norway is situated so far north in Europe that winters are very cold, but in the summer temperatures often rise (rosną) above 25 degrees Celsius (stopni Celsjusza). Do not expect to see polar bears wandering (spacerujące) around Oslo! They live on the island of Spitsbergen, which is located much

Around Finland

Finland is definitely (zdecydowanie) one of the most visited (odwiedzany) countries in the world. Helsinki (the capital of Finland) as well as the other parts of the country are visited by thousands of thrilled (zachwyceni) tourists. You think that in Finland there is only snow? Well, there are 200 000 reindeers (renifery) but also 187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands. You can visit the biggest snow castle in the world there, the

Write a letter to Santa Claus

Write a letter to Santa Claus Napisz list do Świętego Mikołaja Dear Santa Claus, My name is Piotrek. I am a boy and I am already 12 years old. I live in a great village called Baniocha, which is in Poland. This year I’ve been so good that I should be the angel on the top of the tree. Santa, I would love you to bring me a computer! Of course, if you

What animal are you? Test yourself!

Test yourself! Wybierz najlepiej pasującą odpowiedź dla siebie, podlicz punkty i dowiedz się, jakim jesteś zwierzakiem. 1. Where do you spend your free time? Where I can be alone with my partner. – 0 points Where something interesting is happening. – 1 point With my closest friends. – 2 points In a place I know well. – 3 points Where I can think. – 4 points 2. What do you like to eat? Light food.

SCHOOL Your own garden thanks to natural sciences club!

Your own garden thanks to natural sciences club! Twój własny ogród dzięki klubowi przyrodniczemu! You don’t have to be bored (znudzony) during the natural sciences club meetings! Organise a garden planning course! Imagine sandwiches with your own veggies (warzywka) in the spring time, colourful flowers smelling beautifully! It is really worth (warto) having at least a small garden! Eight steps to your own garden! 1 – Learn about plants and garden! Role