Having (posiadanie) a boyfriend or a girlfriend is a fantastic thing! Unfortunately, sometimes there are some problems as well…

Imagine (wyobraź sobie) you wanted to be in the same school with your other half (twoja druga połowa) but he or she decided to go to a different school! What would you do? How would you feel? Asia and Jarek have such a problem – read their diary (pamiętnik) and find out how they cope (radzić sobie) with the situation.

Asia’s diary

Fantastic! He is angry with me because I’ve decided to choose a different high school! I don’t understand men! They say that girls are too possessive and then they are angry when we leave them on their own.

He still doesn’t speak to me…
I think he is really disappointed. Maybe I should have told him earlier about my decision?

Jarek is ill. He wasn’t at school. I sent him a message and… he didn’t answer! Now I am very angry. It’s not such a big deal about the school! We can always meet in the evenings.

I talked to Anka, my best friend. She doesn’t understand him either. I want to be a journalist and they have a great journalist club in the school I’ve chosen. Anka says that I should talk to Jarek. I don’t know…

I miss him. We haven’t talked since Monday. I think I’m going to visit him. He needs somebody to tell him what we did at school.

I visited Jarek yesterday. We talked and we both said ‘I’m sorry’. He is happy I like the school I chose.

We spent the whole day together. Jarek invited me to the cinema! We decided that next year we will meet every day after school. At the end of the day his school is not so far away.

to decide – zdecydować
to choose – wybrać
possessive – władczy
to leavezostawić
disappointed – rozczarowany
I should have told him – powinnam była mu powiedzieć
It’s not such a big deal – To nie taka wielka sprawa
I would be angry – Byłabym zła
both – oboje
to invite – zaprosić


Jarek’s diary

I can’t believe it! Asia won’t be going to the same high school as me! We talked about it and we agreed we want to be in the same school! She said something about some stupid club. There are clubs in my new school as well!

She looked quite sad today but I’m
not going to speak to her. She thinks she is so smart and maybe the school I’m going to is not good enough for her.

No comment on today. I have flu and stayed home. Asia sent me a message: ‘Hope you’ll get better soon’. Does she really mean that or maybe she is just being sarcastic?

Great! My brother told me I’m dumb! Asia is a great girl and she has a right to make her dreams come true. Yeah, I know there is this journalist club in her new school but I’m afraid we won’t see each other at all if we are in different schools.

I called her today but she wasn’t at home. Maybe it’s a sign I shouldn’t speak to her…
It’s 9 p.m. Asia just left. I understand that it’s not such a big thing. I can always pick her up and we will have weekends together.

Asia is really great and I’m happy she is my girlfriend. I don’t want to loose her. I’m going to take her to the cinema tomorrow. I hope she will forgive me for being so selfish!

It’s all right between me and Asia. We saw a great film and we talked about the next year. She will have the journalist club and I’ll have the basketball team. Maybe she’ll become a journalist in the future and I will have a famous girlfriend.

to agree – zgodzić się; ustalić
not good enough – niewystarczająco dobra
flu – grypa
Hope you’ll get better soon. – Mam nadzieję, że wkrótce wyzdrowiejesz.
sarcastic – sarkastyczna
dumb – głupek
dreams come true – marzenia spełniają się
at all – w ogóle
a sign – znak
pick her up – odebrać ją
to loose – stracić
selfish – samolubny