Test yourself!

Do you pay attention (zwracać uwagę) to where you buy your clothes? Do you care if you have the newest technology device? Are you a snob? Check your answers and you will find out.

You meet a new person. He/She is wearing best brand clothes (markowe ciuchy). What do you think of him/her?
a) This is the person who should be my friend!
b) If the clothes are nice and the person is nice too, I feel delighted (zachwycony).
c) I don’t talk to people who wear brand clothes. They are very conceited (zarozumiali)!

There is a promotion in a supermarket in your town. What do you do?
a) Nothing! I don’t care about bad quality products even if they are half-price (za pół ceny).
b) I may go and check if the clothes are all right. They have to be good if I am to buy anything.
c) I run there as quickly as possible. I want arrive before everything is sold out (wysprzedane).

You win a T-shirt with a logo of a company producing drinks. How do you feel about it?
a) I hate it! I will never wear it!
b) It could be a good thing to wear during the holidays.
c) I wear it almost everyday. I want people to see that I won!

You are buying your favourite chocolate bar. If you buy six of them, you will get a nice wallet (portfel). What do you do?
a) I buy one bar. I don’t want any cheap present.
b) If the wallet is really nice and I have spare money, I buy six bars.
c) Of course, I buy six bars and get the wallet. Or I buy twelve bars, and I get two wallets!

Some people from your class bought you a birthday present. Are you happy about it?
a) To be honest, I don’t need another cheap figurine (figurka) on my shelf.
b) That’s very nice that they thought about me. That’s the most important thing.
c) Wow! It’s lovely, perfect! Buy me more!

There is a new model of shoes on the market (na rynku). Do you have to have them?
a) Yes, yes, yes. Everybody will be jealous!
b) Even if I like them, I’m going to wait until they are cheaper.
c) No, I will be OK with any other cheaper shoes!



Mostly A’s
You like shopping, but only in brand shops. If you buy anything in the sale, you never admit (przyznać) it. You prefer to spend more money and you have to know that other people will be amazed! You think that you are an original type. Maybe, you are but does it have to be in such a snobby way? Be careful! Sometimes people are not jealous of your brand-new shiny things. They just laugh at you!

Mostly B’s
You are a very smart person. You don’t like spending money on unnecessary (niepotrzebne) things. You never joke at people who have cheap things. People who buy expensive clothes and food are safe as well! You accept everybody! Unfortunately, there’s one problem with you: You can’t decide! You can spend hours in the shop choosing, comparing (porównując) prices and asking shop assistants million of questions. It can be very annoying, especially for your companions who have to wait for you for ages!

Mostly C’s
In general, you don’t spend a lot of money unless… you see the sales (wyprzedaże), promotions or free gifts (darmowe prezenty)! You are one of those people who can have a small party if there’s a food or drinks tasting in a hypermarket. You have one rule: “Something is for free? Take it!” That’s fantastic but… if you want to get a free gift, you have to buy some other things! In fact, you spend much more money then you planned. And there’s one more thing: try to pay more attention to the quality of free products. You don’t want to look like a very trashy Christmas tree (tandetna choinka).