Doyou know what may happen to you next year?
Check it out!

Would you like to know what may happen to you in a New Year – 2004? Don’t say you wouldn’t!
Now you have an opportunity.
Read the Horoscope and wait for the future!

Capricorn –Koziorożec (December 22nd – January 20th)
HOME: Your family will support your every decision but listen to them. It may help to avoid problems!
FRIENDS: You meet some new friends. But don’t forget about your old friends. They may need you, too.
AT SCHOOL: You’ll be very ambitious. In the beginning of the year marks will be great but in the spring you’ll be so exhausted that you’ll get a few bad marks.
MONEY: In January you may count on some cash. You are going to spend it very quickly but on something very important.
HEALTH: If you catch cold or flue, you will recover very quickly. But don’t forget that from time to time you have to visit a dentist. Especially this year.
LOVE: If you are still alone, you must understand that you are not going to find anyone if you stay home all the time! Go out and you’ll be surprised!

WODNIK – Aquarius (January 21st – February 20th)
HOME: You’ll have to support your parents. They are going to have sad period in the summer.
FRIENDS: In the springtime you’ll go somewhere where you’ll meet new people. You’ll like them very much.
AT SCHOOL: You are smart but marks are not going to be perfect this year. In May and November you should take a part in a school competition.
MONEY: The biggest problem will appear during summer holidays. But you know how to have a good fun even without cash.
HEALTH: This year will be full of work but you are not going to have big problems. You are going to think positively so you will go through every health problem.
LOVE: You are going to meet a lot of interesting people. During vacation you may fall in love but don’t count on a stable relationship this year.

Pisces – Ryby (February 21st – March 20th)
HOME: The problem from the past will be solved. And you will be again full-of-love family.
FRIENDS: There are many friends around you but this year you will have to decide which of them are the real friends.
AT SCHOOL: You are going to have many problems with learning this year. You won’t be able to concentrate and bad marks will brake you down. But in May somebody will help you. You will be really surprised!
MONEY: Nothing special is going to happen this year. Of course you may get some money for birthday.
HEALTH: When you are cold, you won’t go to the doctor and later you may have very serious problems.
LOVE: Big crisis will be finished! If you survive you will be a perfect couple.

Aries – Baran (March 21st – April 20th)
HOME: Not the best period! You should be honest and kind.
FRIENDS: You will change your attitude to other people. That’s why the circle of your friends is going to be bigger and bigger.
AT SCHOOL: You will get good marks and it will make you very happy. Teachers will also notice your optimism and they will be nicer for you.
MONEY: Stable situation but try not to borrow any money. In September you may have strange adventure with money. The end of the story depends on you.
HEALTH: You’ll be full of energy and optimism. You don’t have to be afraid of flue this year.
LOVE: If you want a very special person to be your serious partner, you will have to be patient.

Gemini – Bliźnięta (May 22nd – June 21st)
HOME: You may be very tired with your family. But in April you will understand that family is the most important.
FRIENDS: You like your friends a lot but this year you may need some change. But believe me, after some time you’ll discover how much the smile of old friends means.
AT SCHOOL: Don’t do anything in a hurry. Nobody’s perfect! If you get a bad mark, don’t panic.
MONEY: You are going to get some extra money but you won’t spend it. You are going to leave it for holidays.
HEALTH: In the beginning of the year you may be weak. Try to eat more vitamins in fruits and vegetables. You must be careful!
LOVE: Well, well, you are going to fall in love very often this year!

Taurus – Byk (April 21st – May 21st)
HOME: You are not going to have many conflicts with your parents.
FRIENDS: You will meet some new people. You will also be more open in contacts with other people.
AT SCHOOL: You’ll understand that you don’t have to learn all the time, you just have to make a plan and be systematic.
MONEY: You are not going to win on a lottery but you’ll have enough money for what you really need. You’ll get some extra money or your pocket money will rise.
HEALTH: Try to spend more time on a fresh air, it will bring you health and may eliminate headaches.
LOVE: Opposite sex is going to go crazy about you! If you have a partner you won’t be bored anyway. You are going to fall in love with him (or her) again!

Cancer – Rak (June 22nd – July 22nd)
HOME: You’re going to spend less time with your family this year. But when you have a problem, you may count on them.
FRIENDS: Big changes! You’ll meet someone new! You’ll have enough of parties with the same people. But during holidays you’ll discover that old friends are the best!
AT SCHOOL: You will be nicer and teachers will notice this. You’ll be more self-confident this year.
MONEY: Probably you’ll pay up everything that you have borrowed.
HEALTH: You’re going to have better appetite so you’ll eat more and it will make you stronger. But look out – you may put on weight! But there’ll be no problem for you because you love exercising.
LOVE: Don’t count on your partner this year.

Leo – Lew (July 23rd – August 22nd)
HOME: You may expect harmony and love in your family. This year they will need you. You should spend more time with them. FRIENDS: Your friends are going to fight all the time and you are going to solve their problems.
AT SCHOOL: You’ll be more ambitious and creative this year.
MONEY: No big problems! But don’t give money to strangers and rather don’t borrow big sums.
HEALTH: You will be healthy this year but anyway try to move more! If you have no time for swimming pool or tennis, just go for a walk.
LOVE: Big changes!

Virgo – Panna (August 23rd – September 22nd)
HOME: The great harmony this year! Family celebrations will be really nice and happy this year.
FRIENDS: Don’t be surprised if you meet an old friend.
AT SCHOOL: You must be very hard-working this year to show everybody how talented you are.
MONEY: February and March will be the worst! Almost no money!
HEALTH: This year will be wonderful! You are going to be fit and healthy.
LOVE: Your relationship will be steady this year.

Libra – Waga (September 23rd – October 23rd)
HOME: You’ll be busy this year and after school you are going to do nothing. But remember about your family. Your brother or sister may need your support.
FRIENDS: You may lose contact with your friends but when you think they don’t like you any more, they will come to show their love.
AT SCHOOL: You’ll have strong motivations for learning this year. In March you may have a small crisis.
MONEY: If you take a chance, you may earn some money. Start thinking of it in March or April. Big money may come in the second half of the year.
HEALTH: In the springtime you are going to feel that you want to be fit. Knowing you – it won’t last for long but you should at least walk every day.
LOVE: You will be the happiest person in the world!

Scorpio – Skorpion (October 23rd – November 22nd)
HOME: You’ll be ready to spend most of the time with your family.
FRIENDS: You may meet many new people but you’ll choose your old friends. You are going to have a great time together.
AT SCHOOL: Perhaps you’ll attend some interesting course. Marks will be different!
MONEY: You are going to have a great year!
HEALTH: What a healthy type you are this year! You will be full of energy and you are going to take care of your fitness!
LOVE: First months of the year will be full of interesting meetings but don’t count that you are going to find the real love.

Sagittarius – Strzelec (November 23rd – December 21st)
HOME: You’ll discover that older people have a lot of to offer.
FRIENDS: In July or August you may meet some new people.
AT SCHOOL: A new teacher will appear at your school.
MONEY: If you take a chance, you may earn some money. In the beginning of December you may wait for some cash-present.
HEALTH: This year you are going to try meditation. Every cold you will catch, you will eliminate by positive thinking.
LOVE: Wait for May! You are a shy person but in May you are going to have a great period. You are going to fall in love!