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School fashion

You are what you wear (nosić, ubierać)! It’s a motto of many young people. Teenagers love fashionable clothes and they always try (próbować, starać się) to look good. School can be the perfect place to show your sense of fashion (wyczucie mody) – especially because you spend most of your time there. In many countries students have to wear special clothes for school. Malaysia, Malta, Philippines, Singapore – are countries where

The end of the school year!

We asked six people to tell us how they feel about their holidays this year. Tomek, Zosia and Krzysiek are incredibly (niesamowicie) happy because: “I don’t go to school and finally, after ten months of waiting, I can sleep as long as I want!”. – Tomek has to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning to get ready for school. He catches (łapie) his bus at 7! “You can travel, go

School may be stressful

Bulling In many schools in Great Britain, students were attacked by bullies. Headmasters try to fight with this problem but it is also vary important for you to know if you, or one of your friends is bullied. What is bullying? Bulling is what other people do to you every day or just sometimes but that’s enough to make your life a misery (koszmar). Bulling includes: hitting (bicie), pinching (szczypanie),

My favourite things

My favourite things Moje ulubione rzeczy Do you have a favourite subject? If you do, do you know how to describe it to your friend? There are four students talking about what they like and what they dislike doing at school… Tomek, 15 My favourite subject? Well, it’s PE (Physical Education) for sure. I love sport and I can’t keep still for more then half an hour. I also like

Home duties – obowiązki domowe

Home duties – obowiązki domowe I have to… I don’t have to… Even though you are a teenager, you have to do some things at home. Sometimes you may think that your life is too difficult and you don’t deserve it, especially when your parents don’t let you go out with your friends because your room is untidy. Six people talking about their everyday life may make you feel better. Vocabulary even

Personality – osobowość

Have you met someone new lately? Or maybe you’ve known somebody for a long time but you still don’t know him or her? Do you want to know more about this person? (Czy poznałeś kogoś nowego ostatnio? A może znasz kogoś od dłuższego czasu, ale nadal nie znasz jego albo jej? Czy chcesz wiedzieć więcej o tej osobie?) Well, think of this person. Close your eyes and concentrate! After 5–10 seconds write down