What is your room like? Read and check!

There are two things important for you: your room must be both original and functional. You have simple furniture, no carpets on the floor. You have simple colours in your room – mostly black and white. There is always some interesting element in your room: for example a huge, red poster on the wall, or a beautiful, modern CD-player.

You are quite traditional and you like routine. You hate changing things, so your room probably has looked the same for years. But you are also stubborn! If you want to keep all your old posters with musicians, there is nobody to convince you that you should remove them.

You love decorations and gadgets. Your room is a mixture of styles and colours. There are different kinds of chairs for visitors, cushions to sit comfortably, piles of books and magazines. You like light and air, so your furniture is light and small, but your collection of objects is so enormous that on the whole it looks a bit chaotic…

Your room is a sanctuary and you are very emotional about it. You love old furniture, because you are sentimental. You might sit at your Grandma’s desk, or still keep your childish chest of drawers. You love wood and glass, so there are wooden sculptures on your shelves and little stained glass angels in your window.

In fact you’d like to live in a palace, unfortunately you still have to live in this small room… Your room is extravagant, full of colours, mirrors, paintings. You love transparent colourful curtains and comfortable cushions. As a little girl you dreamt about a canopy and even if you changed your mind, your bed still has a royal look.

You love perfection and nothing is chaotic or redundant in your room. On your desk there is only a computer, books on shelves are ordered by colours and the first thing you do in the morning is make your bed. You hate dirt, dust and unnecessary objects: you throw them away and you clean everything with great energy.

What you suffer from is difficulty in taking decisions. You might often want to change the style of your room and you experiment with colours and materials. And you always manage to achieve harmony – for example you use different shades of the same colour. You have designer’s intuition and the effect is always good.

Have you painted your walls red? Have you painted your floor black? Have you painted all your furniture black and red, and put candles everywhere? Then you are a typical scorpio. You love dark, intensive colours and extravagant furniture.

You love nature and travelling. In your room there are lots of things you brought from different countries: African masks, instruments from Equador, shells and stones from Greece. You like big objects: so if you bought a mask, it was definitely the biggest mask in the shop… These ethnic and exotic objects make your room really unique.

You don’t have too many decorations in your room but there is always something which shows your great sense of humour – a funny poster or an old ticket puncher. You use space in an intelligent way – you made yourself shelves of different length and width.

Your room either looks old, with old-fashioned furniture, a lot of books about philosophy, dark colours, icons, or it is very modern, with lots of gadgets and technology. You can also easily combine the two styles: putting a modern computer on an antique desk is just an example.

Your room shows your creativity: patchwork on your bed which you made from your old clothes, your paintings or photographs on the wall, clay sculptures on the desk and a lot of clothes, jewellery, books, and some objects you don’t even know what to use for. You are an artistic soul and your room is fascinating, although removing a few unnecessary objects would only improve its look.


Improve your vocabulary!

antique – antyk
candle – świeca
canopy – baldachim
carpet – dywan
CD-player – odtwarzacz CD
clay – glina
collection – kolekcja
combine – łączyć
creativity – kreatywność
curtains – zasłony
cushion – poduszka
dirt – brud
dust – kurz
enormous – ogromny
ethnic – etniczny
exotic – egzotyczny
experiment – eksperymentować
extravagant – ekstrawagancki
functional – funkcjonalny
glass – szkło
huge – ogromny
improve – poprawić
keep – zatrzymać
length – długość
light – lekki, światło
make the bed – ścielić łóżko
mirror – lustro
mixture – mieszanka
modern – nowoczesny
old-fashioned – staromodny
original – oryginalny
pile – sterta
poster – plakat
redundant – zbędny
remove – usunąć
routine – rutyna
royal – królewski
sanctuary – sanktuarium
sculpture – rzeźba
shade – odcień
shelf (l.m. shelves) – półka
simple – prosty
stained glass – witraż
throw away – wyrzucać
ticket puncher – kasownik
transparen – przezroczysty
unique – wyjątkowy
width – szerokość
wooden – drewniany