For some people summer is fun but they miss their friends. During the holidays they are resting and refreshing their minds. Are you one of these people?

1. You are coming home from a camp (holidays) with a large backpack. When you arrive home, how do you feel?
A. Relief! Home at last!
B. It’s nice to be home but I could spend more time on holidays.
C. I’m angry and terrified. Why is it all over!?

2. You are walking down the street and meeting a schoolmate. What do you think?
A. Great! I haven’t seen him/her for such a long time!
B. It’s nice to meet a school friend but I’m not going ­crazy.
C. I pretend I don’t see him/her. I don’t want anybody (or anything) to remind me of school.

3. There’s one week of holidays left. What do you talk about with your friends?
A. Holidays but mainly about the new school year.
B. Different things: films we’ve seen, holiday adventures, the next school year.
C. How horrible it is that we have to go back to school!

4. The new school year starts in few days. Do you have all you need to start studying?
A. Of course, I do! I always buy the whole student set every year.
B. I have all I need but I don’t go crazy. I can use some things from last year.
C. I always use the same things. If I don’t have something, I don’t really care.

5. How do you feel after two months of holidays?
A. Fresh and ready to start learning new things!
B. Well, the holidays could be longer but I’ll make it!
C. I feel dizzy and panicky! I can’t go back to school!!

6. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to school?
A. It can be hard sometimes but school is a good place to learn new things, develop and meet new people.
B. School is a place we all have to attend. It provides opportunities, but it’s not my favourite place.
C. I hate this place! It could disappear! I go there only because I have to.


Mostly A
You are definitely ready to start a new school year. You know how to relax so holidays are a perfect time for you to get a lot of energy. You are rested and fresh. You are happy you’ll see your friends and although you know you may get tired with the school after some time, you are willing to start learning again.
How to survive: You may have difficult moments during the school year. Every time you have a crisis, try to relax, go for a walk or just breathe deeply. Thinking of your next holidays gives you a lot of energy as well.

Mostly B
You know you have to go to school, so you do. You are not very happy but you are not suffering either. You have friends at school and when the holidays are finished, you are quite rested. Of course, you wouldn’t mind longer holidays but you know perfectly there are Christmas holidays, winter holidays so now you are waiting for them.
How to survive: You have to be systematic! All your problems during the school year are connected with the fact that you start thinking about holidays. Concentrate on school and learning and you’ll be okay.

Mostly C
You hate school! You are not ready to start the new year! You think that you need to rest more, but the truth is that you have to start liking school more! You may have a lot of problems this year. You won’t be able to concentrate, you’ll get bad marks, and the worst is that all year long you’ll be thinking only about holidays. Don’t let it drive you crazy!
How to survive: You have to accept the school year! Try to relax and work regularly. Don’t be afraid of school and try to enjoy it. It will be easier if you are more optimistic.