Everyone of us thinks about what we wear. Answer the questions below and find out what fashion means to you.

Test yourself:

1. You moved to a new place and tomorrow’s your first day at a new school.
A. You wear the most shocking clothes you have.
B. You wear something you think you look good in.
C. You try to get something that kids in the area wear.

2. You go for a date with a person you’ve liked for ages. What are you worrying about the most?
A. That you’ll say something stupid.
B. If there’s something special between you two.
C. If he/she thinks you’re look good.

3. Someone you don’t like says something unpleasant about clothes you bought recently.
A. You laugh and tell him/her it’s from a very expensive boutique.
B. You are a little bit embarrassed.
C. You tell her/him you hate it as well but everything else is in the laundry.

4. Your friend tells you that your outfit looks weird.
A. Good! You wanted it to look weird.
B. Oh no! What did you do wrong?
C. Who asked him/her?


Mostly As
You live fashion. You love spending hours on reading what is fashionable and then shopping! For you somebody who knows nothing about latest trends is not interesting. Be careful! There are many valuable people around and they don’t have to be crazy about fashion!

Mostly Bs
You like good clothes but you don’t like spending too much money. You know what to wear to look great and it doesn’t have to be of the best labels. You know a lot about fashion but you realise that not everybody has to be interested in it. Thanks to this you have many friends.

Mostly Cs
You don’t care if your clothes are fashionable or not. You always want to show you don’t care about trends! Come on, sometimes it’s nice to look nice, and it doesn’t mean you have to shop at Dior’s.