Different things happen to people. One day you may have to prepare a big party for 100 people! Would you manage it? Would you be successful or would the whole thing be a fiasco? Answering the questions below you may check your organising skills. Good luck!

1. You are expecting guests in five minutes but you realise you have nothing to drink.
a. I go to the shop. They will wait.
b. I wait and when they arrive, I go to the shop.
c. I call one of my friends and ask him/her to buy some drinks.

2. You have two cucumbers and one tomato. What would you prepare?
a. Salad.
b. I don’t know.
c. Plate of sliced vegetables.

3. You have to clean your flat but in one hour you’ve got a meeting.
a. I clean as much as I manage to and leave the rest for later.
b. I call off or postpone the meeting.
c. I ask my sister or brother or a friend to help me.

4. Your friends want to visit you but they have never been to your place before.
a. I draw a very detailed map.
b. I meet them and we go to my place together.
c. I just give them the address. They will find it on a map.

5. You ordered beautiful invitations for your party but there’s only one week left and they are late. Your guests don’t know anything about the party.
a. I wait for the invitations. I will have them for sure.
b. I call or visit my friends to tell them about the party.
c. I ask my friend who already knows about the party to help me inform the rest of the guests.


Mostly a
You are not a perfect person to organise a party. You forget about many things. You have too many ideas or no idea how to amuse your guests. You get confused very easily and in the middle of preparations you are too tired to continue. Even if you are a good cook, under pressure you burn, overcook or undercook food and you never ask anybody to help you either. That’s why you have problems even with a five-people party.
You should write down all your ideas before you start preparations. Ask your friends to tell you what they like and which things are unneccessary during your party. If there are going to be a lot of people, ask somebody to help you with cooking and decorations. Take some time and don’t rush.

Mostly b
Food, decorations, leisure for 10, 20, 40 people?
No problem for you. You know perfectly how to organise your time and work. You’d always prepare a plan of what you want to do before the preparation. If you don’t have enough time or you just know that some things are too difficult for you, you ask somebody to help you. You always choose people who understand you so you rarely have any problems.

Mostly c
You are the Boss. If you have to do something big, you ask a big number of people to help you. That’s fantastic because it means you are always on time. If somebody doesn’t feel like helping, you promise profits (you’d pay if you had enough money). Yeah, everything’s cool but…you are bossy and people feel as if they were your slaves. During preprations you lose helpers and you don’t care. But you should because they’re your friends.
You have to start working as well. Understand that everybody can be tired and people have their own ways of doing things. It’s not your company but party!