Whom will you be in the future?

Patrick, Birmingham
Now I’m 16 and I’m going to learn for two years more so I’ll have finished education by the age of 18. Some of my friends are going to study at university, but I know I must start working immediately. We are not very rich, you know. I like working with computers and I’m sure one day the machines will replace us since they’re faster and able to do more in a shorter time. I have no illusions about that. I’d like to do something creative like web designing or provide programmes to the companies but I know I cannot afford to study now. My uncle is an upholsterer. Maybe he’ll need an assistant and I’ll just help him.

Meg, Warwick
I started education at the age of 5 and I’m going to go to university after graduating from secondary school. I’ll have been studying for 18 years when I’m 23! It’s a long time. I must admit it scares me a bit. I would like to be a barrister and I know I will have to go a long way to achieve my target. However, I guess it’s worth working hard. I’ve always been interested in trials in high courts, case-law and precedent. I am very talkative and reasonable, I suppose. I always think at least twice before I say a word. I suppose it would make me a great lawyer. But you never know, the future itself will show what it will be like…

Adam, Waterford
My father is a tailor. He runs a small, local business. He will have been retired by 2009. We haven’t talked about it much but I know he is sure I’ll take care of his company. Actually, I’m not interested in sewing much and I don’t feel like it. I can’t even repair my favourite trousers and I always ask my mum to do it. Moreover, it’s a shift-work and you can never take a sick leave working on your own. I’d prefer to apply for a job of a clerk or a receptionist. I like working nine-to-five, having possibility of being promoted or even having possibility of giving your work up. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to persuade my father that he should hire a good journeyman instead of me. It’s a pity.

Barbara, Newry
My situation isn’t typical, I know. I will be 34 next year. I will have finished studies by then. I know it’s late for changing jobs but this is the best time for me. My the only child, Ursula, will start school next year. I have been a housewife for all my life and I’m going to swap roles now. My husband will take a part-time job and eventually I’ll be working. I miss the moment very much though working at home has got a lot of advantages and I’ll miss it, too. I am studying Human Resources and I’m going to work as a personnel officer. I hope I’ll find a job though I have very little experience. I am optimistic about it.


Future Perfect (tense)
Używamy go, gdy:
mówimy o czynności, która zakończy się do jakiegoś momentu w przyszłości, np. She will finished studies by then. – Ona skończy studia do tego czasu.
Uwaga: ważnym słówkiem jest tu „by” (do)

Future Perfect Continuous/Progressive (tense)
Używamy go, gdy:
mówimy o czynności, która będzie trwała do jakiegoś momentu w przyszłości, np. She will have been watching TV by 7 o’clock. – Ona będzie oglądała telewizję do 7.00.