• small – ogłoszenia drobne
  • suitable – odpowiedni
  • qualifications – kwalifikacje
  • experience – doświadczenie
  • to babysit – opiekować się dzieckiem
  • baby-sitter – opiekunka do dziecka
  • delivery job – praca doręczyciela
  • deliverer – doręczyciel
  • leafleting – roznoszenie ulotek
  • courier – goniec
  • fruit picking – zbieranie owoców
  • to tutor sb – udzielać korepetycji, pomagać w odrabianiu lekcji

A lot of young people want to have a part-time job. Although they do not have high qualifications, they can usually find something suitable for them. The most popular and the easiest way to earn money is leafleting. It is not well paid but teenagers do it because it does not require any special skills or experience. A lot of teenagers, especially girls, babysit for neighbours and relatives. Young people often hold delivery jobs or help in stores, and those who are of age can work in fast-food restaurants or pubs.


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