Everybody is extremely happy (niesamowicie szczęśliwi) when holidays start! We want to relax, forget about all our problems and have great time (dobrze się bawić). What can we do to make sure that summer holidays will be great? Make a wish list (lista postanowień)! Let yourself be happy in any situation!

1. I will never moan (narzekać) about the weather! – Rain or shine, there are many different things to do during the holidays! There’s no point (nie ma sensu) in getting angry with a few clouds in the sky!

2. I won’t get angry (złościć się) about not having enough money! – Holidays are not about money! It’s nice to have some but if I can’t go shopping, I can go for a walk! I don’t have to worry (nie muszę się martwić) about my homework and that’s fantastic.

3. I will spend quality time (wartościowy czas) with my family! – Even if my parents treat me (traktują mnie) as if I was a baby and my brother or sister annoys (denerwuje) me all the time, we are family! I love them and they love me.

4 .I will meet interesting people! – I won’t be shy (nieśmiały)! I will smile as often as possible! It’s not important (ważne) where people are from. After the holidays the internet will make our contact easier (ułatwi nam kontakt)!

5. I will send many postcards (pocztówki)! – It’s good to let your friends know that you are having a good time! My grandparents will also be happy to get a card from me!
6. I will go on a healthy diet (zdrowa dieta)! – Not too many hamburgers, hot-dogs and fries! If I go on a healthy diet (veggies (warzywa), fruit, fish), I will have more energy in September! (and I’ll look better)

7. I will read some good books! – Finally, I’ll have time to read what I like! It will be so nice to relax with book and spend some time in an imaginary world (świat wyobraźni)!

8. I will spend more time outside (na zewnątrz)! – I can do outdoor sports and go for a walk whenever (kiedykolwiek).