Their fabulous life

Do you remember the fantastic film adaptation of Frank Miller’s comics, called “Sin city”? Another director has decided to film Miller’s comics. The movie titled “300” tells the story of the battle between 300 hundreds Greek soldiers and thousands of Persian troops near Thermopiles. The production is going to follow Miller’s vision in every technical detail. We can expect a wonderful picture and a lot of visual effects. The movie is going to be shown in 2007.

Pope and the gadgets
Electronic gadgets are everywhere; they have even reached the Vatican City. The latest rumours have announced that the Pope is not only wearing shoes by Prada but he is also using iPod Nano by Apple. The Pope was given it by the Italian Radio on its anniversary. The producer prepared a special white version for the Holly Father. What kind of music does the Pope listen to? Classical, most of all. On his Nano he has got Mozart and Chopin as he used to be a gifted pianist in his youth. Maybe one day we will see the Holly Father wearing Gucci sunglasses?

New polish production
Electronic gadgets, parachute jumps, high speed motorboats and many special effects can be expected from the latest Polish production, called “Why not”. In this romantic comedy the main character, starred by Maciej Zakościelny, is going to use all of the electronic gizmos we can only dream of! Well, it will probably not be “Mission Impossible 4”, but still a lot of good fun!

Robert Downey Jr. is going to play the Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. is going to play the Iron Man in the newest Hollywood production. Downey will star a millionaire, Tony Stark, an inventor, who creates a special, super modern costume – armour. Firstly, he uses the costume for self defence but then he discovers that it can be used to fight against the violence around him. That is the beginning of the “Iron Man” movie.

Hammond is in hospital
All of the “Top Gear” fans got shocked when they heard the news. One of the presenters (there are three of them) had a car accident while he was shooting another chapter of this very popular programme. Richard Hammond, better known as “the hamster” for his tiny posture, was trying to break another speed record. While he was reaching the speed of over 400 km/h, he suddenly lost control over the car. Luckily, the ambulance came in 5 minutes. BBC television decided to put off the production of the programme, but the latest news is that Hammond is recovering very quickly, and so he will probably come back to the show.

Space tourism?
Why not! While the space stations have become a routine, and our technology is getting more and more advanced, the time has come for the tourism. A Russian commercial says: if you have money we can get you into the space! One of the bravest and richest has already tried. The Russian millionaire, a woman, has decided to get her chance. She paid 20 million dollars and flew from Russia straight into space! The flight was well planned and very successful. Now Russian space airlines are expecting more tourists to explore the space!

Improve your vocabulary!

troops – oddziały wojskowe
gizmo – ustrojstwo
gifted – utalentowany
armour – zbroja, pancerz
space – kosmos