Falling in love is easier on a holiday.

First of all, you have more time and you don’t think about exams and tests.
Secondly, the sun makes your blood run faster. When you spend time at the seaside or near a lake, there are many opportunities to meet people of the other sex. Camps enable you to make friends. It happens that you meet somebody, fall in love, but then, when you are back at home you are told constantly that there are no new e-mails and your mobile says the number you are trying to reach is unavailable…. On the other hand, I personally know at least three perfect married couples that were started on holidays. So, is it really true that a holiday love affair lasts till the last day of the camp? How is it different from the situation when you fall in love during the school year? The main difference is that you look at the other person through pink glasses when you are on holiday. It seems the heat might destroy brain cells and weaken your consciousness sometimes… Below you will find some beliefs you feed on when you meat a handsome boy or a beautiful girl on a holiday. Read before you catch your plane!

Improve your vocabulary!

aesthete – esteta
scatterbrained – roztrzepany
cheat – oszukiwać
belief – przeświadczenie, pogląd
plumber – hydraulik