1. A friend calls you to say he is organizing a trip to the Alps. Will you join?
a) No, never. I hate the mountains and it is cold in the Alps. Also climbing is dangerous.
b) I would go with pleasure, but I have no money. Also, my parents will never let me go.
c) Of course! When?
d) It depends. I must think it over. You must be well prepared to such a trip.

2. Would you like to travel alone to a distant place?
a) No, never. It must be boring to travel alone. Who am I going to talk to? Also if I am in trouble there is nobody to help me.
b) Yes, perhaps it would be nice. But my boyfriend/girlfriend/parents will never let me travel alone.
c) Sure, why not! It’s exciting.
d) I think it is great to travel alone, but you have to be mature enough to appreciate it. In fact I prefer to travel with somebody, but perhaps in the future it will change.

3. Do you like meeting new people?
a) Well, everybody does – but they must be interesting!
b) I prefer my old friends.
c) I love meeting new people, it is fantastic!
d) Sometimes I can talk to a stranger I meet in the street, sometimes I feel alone in a group of people whom I know.

4. You are alone in a foreign country and somebody steals you all your money and passport. What do you do?
a) I sit down and burst into tears.
b) I call my parents in Poland and tell them to do something.
c) I shout ‘Thief! Thief!’ and then ask a policeman to help me.
d) I go to the embassy and ask for help.

5. You are in Spain and it not everybody in your hotel speaks English and sometimes it is difficult to communicate in English. You want to order a simple meal in a restaurant, but the waiter doesn’t understand you.
a) I leave the restaurant. Why should they expect tourists to come if they don’t speak English?
b) I decide not to eat anything.
c) I communicate with gestures.
d) I know some basic words in Spanish already – always when I go abroad, I learn the basic vocabulary of the given country.

6. Imagine you can’t wash yourself for two days.
a) Disgusting! I would never let it happen!
b) Awful, I think I would die.
c) No problem! You can get used to everything!
d) It wouldn’t be pleasant, but I would survive.

7. What kind of holiday are you dreaming about?
a) a holiday on a beach.
b) well, a holiday with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
c) a trip around the world.
d)a trip to some place which has not been discovered yet.

Improve your vocabulary!

climbing – wspinanie
mature – dojrzały
embassy – ambasada
it depends – to zależy
appreciate – doceniać
excited – podekscytowany
disgusting – obrzydliwe
get used to – przyzwyczaić się
discover – odkryć
gesture – gest
let – pozwolić
think over – przemyśleć

Most A answers:
Well, you are not a born traveller. You don’t like travelling generally and you appreciate comfort.

Most B answers:
Well, it is not that you don’t like travelling. You don’t mind, but it is not your passion.

Most C answers:
You love travelling and you would go anywhere. You are really excited when you travel. Of course if you really want to be a traveller, you should become more reasonable and think more about the consequences of your actions.

Most D answers:
You are a born traveller. You are a good planner and organizer and you always know what to do in a difficult situation.