1. This summer the most fashionable sunglasses are really huge. You try them on – and you look horrible! What sunglasses are you going to wear?
A. I don’t try them on. I’ve been wearing my favourite mirror sunglasses for five or six years and I don’t see any point in replacing them.
B. Of course I’m going to wear the trendy sunglasses even if I look strange.
C. I won’t buy them if I look like a fly! Fortunately classic sunglasses are also trendy – always.

2. How often do you buy jeans?
A. I bought the last pair five years ago, but it seems I will have to think about it… They are completely worn out now.
B. Every year I buy the new model.
C. Well, it depends. I have my favourite jeans with straight legs which are perfect for my figure and still fashionable. This year I bought a pair of very tight, skinny jeans and they are great!

3. When you get up, you discover in horror that your mum did the washing the previous evening and all your nice clothes are wet! What do you do?
A. I don’t care – I put on anything – my mum’s skirt or my father’s trousers although they are very old and don’t really fit.
B. I dry my clothes with a hair-dryer or if it’s not possible, I don’t go to school.
C. I chose something from my parents’ wardrobe which fits and look nice. Everybody asks me where I bought these clothes!

4. You see in a shop a beautiful dress from your dreams, but it’s very expensive! What do you do?
A. I would never buy anything which is really expensive.
B. I don’t buy it if it’s not trendy.
C. If it’s really trendy I buy it – I borrow money from my parents.

Most A
You are not a fashion victim – but the opposite. You don’t know anything about fashion, you don’t want to know and you don’t care. The result is that you look very old-fashioned. Perhaps it would be a good idea to browse through some magazines? Of course if you don’t want to be called a freak.

Most B
You are a fashion victim and you love it! You always read fashion magazines and you try to be very trendy. You would die if you couldn’t buy the latest hit! Fashion is great but you should also look at what you look good in.

Most C
You won’t wear anything which you don’t really like. You like fashion but you choose only what is good for you so you always look great! You have a natural talent to “fish” from ten basic trends the one that makes you a star! Everybody envies you!

Improve your vocabulary!

victim – ofiara
previous – poprzedni
borrow – pożyczyć od kogoś