Do you like winter? Check it!

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the winter morning:
a. You turn on the other side and almost cry because you feel the cold outside and you do not want to leave your bed.
b. You get up unhappy but promise yourself that you will be strong. Hot tea makes you optimistic about the day and you start looking outside the window with hope that it is not that cold and beside white snow is beautiful.
c. You get up with the first sound of the alarm clock happy and excited about another cold and fresh day. You leave the house early and go for a short walk to the park before you turn to school.

2. After school:
a. You rush to the bus stop praying not to be forced to miss it and spend terrible minutes waiting in the cold for another bus.
b. You walk outside the school shaking a bit when the cold wind blows in your face and go home quickly. But when your little brother asks you to go out and make a snowman you agree and just put another warm sweater on your back.
c. Before you enter your flat you are already after making one snowman with some children from the neighbourhood. After having dinner you rush out where you meet some friends and after a while start snowball fight! You come back home red on you face but happy.

3. First words that come to you when you hear “winter” are:
a. Cold, colder, the coldest!
b. Christmas, presents, family gatherings and long evenings in front of TV.
c. Snow, snowman, sleighs, fresh air, the best time of the year!

4. Best idea for holidays:
a. Beach, warm sand, sea, lake or outdoor swimming pool and me sunbathing with a glass of cold water.
b. Hiking in mountains, going abroad, especially to the south of Europe, when there is winter in Poland.
c. Skiing along the slopes, skating or snowboarding, in Poland or the Alpes!

5. What kind of shopping do you like?
a. Dresses, mini skirts, sun suites and tops.
b. T-shirts, trousers, jeans, shoes and boots.
c. Jackets, jumpers, caps, gloves and most of all scarves.

6. What are your favourite colours?
a. Red, yellow, orange, pink and gold.
b. Green, blue, violet, brown.
c. White, blue, yellow and dark green.

7. Which present would you prefer: swimming suit, goggles or adventure book?
a. What would I do with goggles? They do not match any of my outfits. Adventure book? It can be perfect for a gloomy autumn evening, but during summer I do not have much time for reading. I would be happy if I got swimming suit, I am going to learn hot to swim this summer.
b. I can not imagine myself lying on the beach and doing nothing. Swimming suit would be useful in the swimming pool, but it has to be a sports one and not such for sunbathing. I have never used goggles so it is tough to imagine myself wearing these. I would be happy staying with the adventure books, especially if the plot takes place in Africa where I am going this year.
c. Goggles, no doubt about it! Adventure books are good when you have got nothing to do and swimming suit? The last place you would see me is seaside.


  • If you chose most of A answers, you are definitely not a winter type! You love sun and summer, so you should quickly move to Australia or at least comfort yourself that in Poland winter lasts only 3 months a year.
  • If you chose most of B answers you are not much disturbed by the seasons of the year! You like all of them as long as the weather lets you do what you have planned.
  • If you chose most of C answers, then the answer is clear: you are a winter type. Why don’t you move to the Scandinavian countries? They have got great slopes there…

Improve your vocabulary!

praying – modląc się
hiking – wędrówka
skiing – narciarstwo
skating – łyżwiarstwo
disturbed – zakłócony
slope – zbocze góry, stok