You go out with your friends and you can’t stop listening to your disc man? You sit by the Christmas table and you keep on sending messages to your friends? You don’t want to go camping because there’s no TV? It may be a problem. You may be addicted to technology!

1. Your mobile needs charging. What do you do?
a. I look for a battery charger in panic.
b. I charge it as soon as possible but there’s no rush.
c. I charge it whenever (maybe even tomorrow).

2. How much time do you spend watching TV every day?
a. As much as possible.
b. 2–3 hours if there’s something interesting on.
c. Difficult to say. Sometimes I don’t watch it at all.

3. There’s a new skin for your mobile on the market.
a. I have to have it!
b. If it’s nice and I can afford it, I’ll buy it.
c. I’m not too interested. My mobile is OK the way it is.

4. You need to find information for your homework. Where do you look?
a. Internet, of course.
b. Books, encyclopedias, internet.
c. My book and notebooks.

5. It’s your birthday soon. What is a perfect present for you?
a. A new MP3 player!
b. Something useful.
c. Whatever, it’s the thought that counts.


Are you addicted to technology or not? Count your answers and check!

Mostly a
You really can’t live without technology! You know everything thanks to internet, TV, mobile service. You believe you don’t have to go anywhere or ask anybody because you have access to the whole world. Be careful! You are getting addicted! You are a person who has to have a TV set, computer, Hi-Fi in your room and – admit it – you don’t feel like leaving your room when you’re on internet or playing computer games.
You ought to cut down on technology a bit! Of course, we need it but we also need a walk!
Do some sport! Read a book (a paper one, not on internet!) and try to forget about your mobile for at least one hour a day.

Mostly b
You listen to music, watch TV, you have a mobile and you use internet to find things you need. You may have your favourite computer game but luckily you don’t exaggerate. You know how to use technology properly and you realize that without it you won’t be able to find a good job in the future.
When you have time only for yourself, you don’t care about your mobile. Good! It means you are not a slave. If you keep on doing that, you will be a very successful person. But be careful and don’t get addicted.

Mostly c
You are not addicted to technology at all. Sometimes you seem to be completely unaware of it. Even if you use a TV set or a private stereo, you need the easiest in use. You find technology a bit confusing and you don’t understand people who can’t live without it. Have you ever tried to answer your phone with the wrong button or wanted to record something and it didn’t work? Of course, that’s you.
You may feel a bit different from your friends but don’t feel stupid. Not everybody has to spend hours in front of a computer. You know perfectly how to have a great time without all these technology miracles!

Improve your vocabulary!

technology – technologia, technika
to be addicted to – być uzależnionym od czegoś
battery charger – ładowarka
useful – użyteczny, przydatny
thanks to – dzięki
admit – przyznawać się
exaggerate – przesadzać
to be unaware of something – być nieświadomym czegoś
miracle – cud