1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
A. Yes, of course! I believe only in this kind of love.
B. Yes, sure! It has happened to me lots of times.
C. Not really.

2. At a party you meet a boy/girl and feel really attracted to him/her. What do you do?
A. I look at him/her intensely trying to show what I feel – if he/she is the one, he/she will feel the same – and look back!
B. I ask somebody who knows him/her about his/her hobbies.
C. After the party I ask my friends about this person and then I try to be in places where she/he appears – and get to know her/him better.

3. Which are the most important things for a good relationship?
A. Passion, inspiration, faithfulness.
B. Sex, fun, sense of humour.
C. Stability, trust, loyality.

4. A boy/girl falls in love with you. You don’t share his/her feelings… What do you do?
A. You write to him/her a long letter in which you explain your feelings.
B. You go out with him/her. A few dates won’t do anybody any harm…
C. You arrange a meeting and explain why you can’t be together.

5. How do you feel when you see elderly people kissing passionately in the street?
A. I think it is beautiful that they are still in love.
B. It’s normal – everybody shows their feelings openly nowadays.
C. I feel people should not kiss in public.

Improve your vocabulary!

at first sight – od pierwszego wejrzenia
faithfulness – wierność
stability – stabilność
last – trwać
measure – posunięcie

Most A
Romeo and Juliet
You are very romantic and love is the sense of your life. You believe that when you fall in love, love will last forever. You look for deep, clean feelings and you are never satisfied with half measures. You might easily get disappointed because you fall in love easily and you idealize your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Most B
Dirty Dancing
You are easy-going – in life and in love. You are ready for flirt but are you ready for a long-lasting relationship? For you love is like dance: it seems for a moment that you are in love, but it’s only temporary, until the song finishes and you look in astonishment – is it really somebody I thought I could be with? You are very attractive and there are always lots of people around you.

Most C
American Beauty
You dream about real family: a nice husband or wife and two kids – of course a boy and a girl. Although you are very young you know you don’t want to invest in relationships which do not bring you the promise of your future happy life. You are serious in relationships and you don’t want to waste your time!