Can you recognize people of different signs? Read the horoscope and check.

You are often strong, muscular and well-built. You are good-looking: what attracts attention is your face. Usually you have sharp features, wide eye-brows and reddish face. You love red colour and wearing latest fashions, with bright-coloured accessories.

You usually have a square face, small eyes and ears. Your hair is often dark and wavy or curly. You are either tall and quite heavy, like Cher, or little and delicate like Audrey Hepburn. You like comfortable clothes, but they must be high quality, for example linen trousers and simple blouses.

You always look cheerful and young. Your quick movements are charming. You are usually slim and tall, with long arms and legs. You also often have very long eyelashes, which make your eyes really pretty.

You are often a bit like the Moon – your patron. Your face and your eyes are round, your mouth usually big and passionate. You are rather short and often plump. Even if you are slim, there is some nice fat on your body. If you are a girl, you like feminine, delicate dresses, pastel colours and silver jewellery.

You are really good-looking! You look like a lion with your blond or red hair, straight nose and harmo­nious body. You like make-up and your clothes, first of all, must be visible. You wear sequined tops, designer labels, animal patterns and big jewellery. Your favourite colours are red and gold.

You have a delicate face with regular features and your body has good proportions. Although you like casual clothes, they always look very neat, because you wear subtle colours and your clothes and accessories perfectly match.

You are one of the most beautiful signs. You can be fat of thin, but your body is always harmonious. You often have a dimple in the chin or cheeks and a beautiful smile. You simply love clothes! You are romantic so you love lacy blouses and perfume. Your favourite colour is blue.

You are strong and muscular but often very thin, which gives you a ‘bird’s look’. You are always very attractive to the opposite sex. What really attracts attention are your eyes – and your intense look.

You usually look as if you had just returned from holidays: suntanned and strong. This makes you very attractive. Your clothes should be comfortable and sporty.

You are tall, with long legs and arms, you often have big hands and feet. You are usually quite serious about what you wear: you don’t really like fashion: you prefer to have a few good quality things, which you wear for years. You like indigo.

You are well-built, usually not very tall. The most interesting element in your face are your eyes, they are very clear and really visible. You often have curly or wavy hair, but you also often go grey early.

You are a very graceful sign, with your softness of features, long neck, small nose and beautiful eyes. Your hair is often wavy, blond or brown. You are usually short. You have passion for shoes – a big collection in your wardobe!