Sarah Michelle Gellar loves shopping in London. Although the young actress lives in America, whenever she needs to buy some clothes, she takes her friend and they go on a shopping trip to the capital of England.

– My friend always knows what to buy – says Sarah. – So I tell her: you choose and I pay. We always spend a fortune but it is a great fun!
Close to 250 pounds – this is the amount you need to pay for a visit at London’s dentist. What’s interesting that most of the dentists are from Poland. Highly qualified “teeth” doctors have recently moved to Great Britain and now they earn around 40 thousand pounds a year. Their usual patients are such stars like Madonna, Claudia Schiffer or David Hasselholf.

Katie Holmes has just come back from the shopping weekend in Paris. She went there with her new friend, Victoria Beckham. Girls spent the time visiting fashion shows, hairdressers and boutiques. Katie admitted that she loves everything that comes from Karl Lagerfeld’s hand, a famous fashion designer, especially his wedding dresses…

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s ex wife, has just bought a new mansion in Beverly Hills. She used to live in Beverly Hills with Pitt, when they were married, but moved out soon after the divorce. They sold their house for 25 million dollars, and since then she has been renting a villa in Malibu for 30 thousand dollars per month. But she decided to come back to Beverly and so bought a house for 15 million dollars.

Beyonce, an American R’n’B singer, loves second hand clothes, but on condition that they belong to Cher. Beyonce has recently announced that she has always been dreaming about Cher’s clothes from seventies. Now she can buy Cher’s dresses that 60 year old singer has decided to sell.
A lot of things you may find on eBay auction, for example Bridget Jones’s pants! Famous underwear has been recently put on auction by an actress, Rene Zelweger. She wanted to donate the money from it for charity. A woman who bought the pants for two thousand pounds has recently put them on auction again to raise more money for the charity. What a blessed idea!